How Do You Share Awesome?

Lucas announced last week that he wanted a computer so he could be a blogger. He’s five years old. While I laughed at his request originally, this subject of blogging has been brought up a handful of times since he first told me.

Our Christmas budget doesn’t include buying a new computer, nor do I think that it’s an appropriate gift for a Kindergartner, however I do have a really old one with some missing keys that I could let him use. I’m contemplating letting him use it while he sits next to me but I’m still trying to figure out if that is a good idea or not. The first thing to do was figure out what safety tips I’d have to teach him before I let him online. Obviously, he’d always be online with his dad or I and would use a limited number of kid-friendly sites and programs. As he gets older there are a few key things I’d want him to know. All can be found in the #ShareAwesome pledge:

  • Be kind and think before I post.
  • Share – but not overshare, especially personal information (i.e., phone, address).
  • Communicate with people I know – and only people I know.
  • Check my privacy settings frequently.
  • Unplug – especially when I walk, drive or enjoy time with people I love.

The internet has been such a blessing in my life. It’s connected me to other moms, it’s given me the opportunity to financially support my family, it’s provided entertainment, it’s let me share memories with family members and friends far away and it’s been a place where I can share my thoughts. I want Lucas (and Jacob) to experience all the internet has to offer. Once they learn how to safely and properly use it they will realize how amazing it is.

The National PTA has partnered with LifeLock to share awesome ways families can create an open, evolving conversation about positive, safe decisions when using digital tools. The #ShareAwesome campaign seeks to build an understanding among parents and students that no matter the device, the app or the networking site – the skills we need to be safe and positive online are similar to what you need offline. One of the biggest take aways that I want my boys to remember is that, just like in real life, they need to think about what they are posting and make sure anything they post is something they’d say in real life with their mom standing next to them. I’ve witnessed so many instances of people posting mean things online. I truly think that they forget that there is a human being on the other side of the exchange reading what they write.

Want to help #ShareAwesome in real life and online? Snap a photo of an awesome moment in your day and share it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the #ShareAwesome hashtag! Students who enter the #ShareAwesome contest between September 15 – November 30, 2014 will have a chance to win fantastic prizes, including tablets and a $2,500 scholarship!

Here are some of the awesome moments I’ve shared online over the past month:

The first day of school


First night of Awana


First Bears game of the season

I’d love to hear how you #ShareAwesome (and any thoughts you may have on Luke’s Christmas wish).

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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