A Sense of the Resurrection: An Easter Experience for Families E-Book

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I have super exciting news!! I just found out this morning that Amanda, who created the Truth in the Tinsel e-book that myself and so many of my friends and readers LOVED, has come out with an Easter e-book! The e-book is called “A Sense of the Resurrection: An Easter Experience for Families“. Go beyond Easter baskets and bunnies and give your children a look at why we celebrate Easter and a sense of what the Resurrection is about. 

A Sense of the Resurrection

The e-book features 12 simple activities to be done the few weeks before Easter that will turn your home into a memorial to Jesus’ death and resurrection.  You’ll experience Jesus’ anointing, the Last Supper, Peter’s denial, the cross, the empty tomb and more. Memories will be made as your family uses their five senses to understand and believe the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection. This simple eBook includes printables, Scriptures and specific conversation and starting points so you and your kids can get a sense of the resurrection.

This book is a little different than the Christmas one because it’s not only crafts. This e-book is more about activities and conversations. It can be used with younger children but older siblings can enjoy it as well so I think it’s really great for the whole family. I know for us, we won’t go into much detail about how Jesus died with my four year old since I don’t think he will understand it but we may say a bit more to my 5 year old who has a deeper understanding of things.

The e-book is somewhat similar to the Christmas one in the way it is setup. It has a list of materials you will need, some which can be found around your home. Printables are included as well for those (like me) who just can’t draw. She makes it easy for busy moms and dads to do the activities and provides step-by-step activities and talking points.


Find the ebook here.


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