Is It Time To Take A “Well Day”? {Giveaway}

(Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Ricola® but all thoughts are my own.)

I’m sitting here writing this after a long day which comes after an exhausting work week. This morning, we had Jacob’s Grand Prix race for Awana and then I spent the afternoon trying to get things done around the house while taking care of two rambunctious kids who have cabin fever. This evening I’ve been trying to empty out my email inbox (which after a couple of dedicated hours of work still has almost 20,000 emails- 2,000+ of which are unread). I love my kids and I love my life but some days (like today) I just really wish I could take a day to relax by myself. I’d even settle for a few kid-free, computer free, hours.

What would I do? I dream that I’d start the day by sleeping in and enjoying breakfast in bed. I’d go for a mani-pedi and then spend the afternoon on the couch catching up on my DVR’d shows. Sounds like the perfect relaxing day to me!

What about you? What would YOU do if you took a day to yourself? Ricola, the leading manufacturer of herb cough drops, wants to know and they have a special promotion going on where you could win money just by telling them!

As the cold and flu season hits its peak this month, Ricola is encouraging consumers to trade in their sick days for well days by inviting them to “Call in Well.” Now through January 31st, consumers can call 1-855-4-WELLDAY or text RICOLA (22122) to share what fun things they’d do if they took a “well day” off. One lucky winner per day will win $500. Visit Ricola’s Facebook page for official rules.


One reader will win Ricola products and a $25 Visa gift card


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300 thoughts on “Is It Time To Take A “Well Day”? {Giveaway}”

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  2. I’d definitely sleep in and then go to a warm beach and lay in a hammock while the warm breeze passed over me while I just laid there. Doing absolutely nothing but smiling. :)
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  3. I would spend my well day by sleeping in, and reading the newspaper and catching up on reading magazines, take a hot bath and stay home and relax!

  4. Chillaxin – I would go on a 3 mile run and then eat some yummy food and snuggle with my Labrador on the couch while watching tv.

  5. I would spend my well day off by going for a run, getting a pedicure, going to starbucks and getting an iced chai and a vanilla scone, reading a book outside, and watching some of my favorite shows on netflix.

  6. I have thought of this before, lol I would sleep in, maybe stay in pajamas, or at least dress in super comfy clothes – maybe sit on porch and have cofee, tea, cocoa, soda(whatever i was in mood for) and take my time to drink it while doing a crossword,or jumble, or reading a book. Then I would watch tv , paint my toenails, maybe do a facial. Catch up on some stuff, computer- wise, bill /paper stuff but only if in the mood. Order in a pizza or chinese.. and at some point … just lay there and listen to the silence for awhile … ahhhh lol

  7. I would spend my “Well Day” with my best friend soaking in the natural pools at the hot springs located exactly midway from where we both live. I haven’t seen her in almost 2 years and it would be a blessing for both of us to share some quality and relaxing time together.

  8. I would sleep in and take a long shower without having to peek my head out to listen for trouble from the kids. I would love a trip to the spa and some shopping. Then a chick flick with chocolate and wine to end the day!


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