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I used to love wearing my hair down. I’d wake up in the morning, stick curlers in it and twenty minutes later my thick hair would be picture perfect and full of volume. Sometime during senior year of high school though, I discovered curls right at the nape of my neck and with each child I had in my 20s more curls appeared. Now at 30 my hair is always up in a ponytail because it takes forever to do and as a busy mom I just don’t have time to do anything with it. Once washed, my hair (if left alone) turns into a crazy mess of frizzy curls in the back and straggly straight hair in the front so I was excited to be able to work with Herbal Essences to try out some of their new products and share my honest thoughts with you all.


I was anxious to try Herbal Essences’ new “Naked” collection from Walmart that promised everything I needed for “irresistible volume”. The kit contains four items: shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo and Volumizing Souffle.

My first thought upon opening the shampoo was that it smelled amazing. The scent is a mix of grapefruit and mint which doesn’t sound like it would be a delicious smelling pair but it is. The shampoo gave me a nice lather and the conditioner made my hair feel soft.

Once I combed out my hair I worked the volumizing souffle through it. This mousse didn’t make my hair stiff and crunchy but instead kept my hair feeling soft to the touch. I also loved that instead of frizz I was left with soft curls.

The next day I tried the dry shampoo. I’ve never tried dry shampoo before but I was really interested in seeing how this worked to keep my style from one day to the next. It was really easy to use- just spray at the roots and comb through. My hair was super shiny after using this spray and I felt like the spray refreshed my hair.

Personally, I didn’t notice a change in the volume of my hair but my hair is so thick that it would take a lot for me to notice a change there. Overall, I would use this kit again. It made my hair smell great and gave me a frizz free curl along with confidence to wear my hair down again.

(Disclosure: As stated above, this post was written as part of a campaign for Herbal Essences and I received a gift card for my time.)

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