Tinkertoy: The Classic Toy We Love

This past Monday the boys had a day off from school so I pulled out the Tinkertoy set I got as swag from a party I went to at BlogHer this past summer. The boys were excited to play with this new toy and I was brought back to my childhood days. Did you know that Tinkertoy has been around since 1913?! I had no idea that it was created that long ago.

Tinkertoy has definitely changed since I last played with them. The pieces aren’t wooden anymore which I was originally bummed about but the plastic pieces seemed a bit larger and easier for my boys to handle. There were also new bendable pieces which gave the children more options when building.

The boys played with this toy for about an hour. They’d build things then take them apart and make something new. I loved watching them work together on their creations.

(Disclosure: As stated above, I received Tinkertoys for free. I was not obligated to write about them but wanted to share because I think they’d make a great gift idea.)

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