Easy Indian Food At Home

The first time I had Indian food I was in my 20s. I babysat for a family that made it on a regular basis and each time I watched the kids they’d offer it to me. My first taste sent me guzzling the closest drink I could find because I do not like spicy foods. The family showed me how adding yogurt to the food took some of the spice away and I discovered that I did enjoy this type of food.

I’d never made my own Indian food until I was sent some products from Jaali Bean to try. They sent me three meal kits: Creamy Coconut Lentil & Rice Kit, Savory & Spiced Lentil Soup Kit, and Cardamom and Currant Lentil & Brown Rice Kit. I liked that the packages showed the heat level so I knew to start with the mild flavored meals first.

I tried the Creamy Coconut meal first since it sounded delicious and sweet. The kit contained everything I’d need to make the meal. When I opened up the pouch it smelled heavenly.

I like that the meals don’t take more than 30 minutes to make which is perfect for busy parents. I also don’t need any extra ingredients other than cooking oil. Those on special diets will love that many are Gluten-Free and some are vegan and vegetarian as well. All kits contain all natural, non-GMO verified ingredients, too.

The rice tasted just as good as it smelled. I ate mine with some leftover beef kabobs but you can pair yours with any meat you’d like or eat it on it’s own. I am looking forward to trying the other two flavors that I have. Want to make your own Indian food at home? Find Jaali Bean products in specialty stores and high-end groceries throughout the US. Learn more at JaaliBean.com.

(Disclosure: I received meal kits to review but all thoughts are my own.)

4 thoughts on “Easy Indian Food At Home”

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  2. I have never eaten Indian food . I dont know if I would like it but I would atleast like to try it. thanks for the recipes and info on it.

  3. I’ve never tried Indian food, but have wanted to. However, restaurants around where I live are quite expensive. I think this is a great idea!


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