Decorating Pumpkins With Ribbons

Pumpkins and ribbon have a lot more in common than you think. They both come in all different shapes, sizes, colors and patterns. Did you ever think to put the two together? This fall, decorate your pumpkin with ribbon. It’s a fast and easy way to get your pumpkin out on display in your home or apartment!

Duration: 15 min


  • Pumpkin
  • Glue gun (and glue sticks of course)
  • Ribbon


1. Pick your pumpkin

Pumpkins come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Any pumpkin will work perfect for this project. Pick the one that is right for you. Just keep in mind that the bigger your pumpkin, the more ribbon that you will need to use.

2. Pick your Ribbon

Like pumpkins, ribbon comes in various shapes, sizes, colors and even patterns. Any fabric type ribbon will work. Pick your favorites and move to step 3.

3. Measuring

Measure your ribbon to pumpkin ratio. Place the end of the ribbon at the top of the pumpkin – just next to the stump. Continue to wrap the ribbon vertically around the pumpkin until it meets the other side of the pumpkin at the stump. Trim off the excess ribbon.

4. Glue

Using your glue gun; place a bead of glue at the top of the pumpkin then secure one of the ribbon. Repeat this step to secure the other end of the ribbon. Be creative and layer the ribbons!

5. Bow

To finish off your ribbon pumpkin, tie a bow at the top with coordinating ribbon colors.

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2 thoughts on “Decorating Pumpkins With Ribbons”

  1. What a neat idea! I like to decorate with pumpkins during the fall, but I hate the mess involved with carving them. We usually end up using markers, but I like the ribbon effect.

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