Halloween Sensory Table

I shared about this Halloween sensory table a year or two ago but discovered that when I moved my site this post was lost. Here’s a picture of what was in my Halloween sensory table:

What was in it:

-black and orange feathers

-black and orange shiny pom pom balls

-black crinkled paper (like the kind used for packaging)

-small Jack O’ Lantern buckets



  1. I really like this. Very creative and festive. :)

  2. That looks great! My grandson would enjoy all of these items and touching them all!

  3. This is a great idea! I miss my son being little so we can do things like this! Halloween was on our favorite times of year. Now that hes a teenager the fun is over for mom & dad . lol

  4. This is wonderful, it’s festive, but cute and won’t scare little ones

  5. I love your Halloween Bin! Pinned it! Would love for you to come share today at my sensory play linky party!


  6. Love the feather idea! Never thought of feathers for sensory play — bet the kids will love it!

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