Halloween Sensory Table

I shared about this Halloween sensory table a year or two ago but discovered that when I moved my site this post was lost. Here’s a picture of what was in my Halloween sensory table:

What was in it:

-black and orange feathers

-black and orange shiny pom pom balls

-black crinkled paper (like the kind used for packaging)

-small Jack O’ Lantern buckets


Winter Sensory Table


Close up of what’s in the table



The other side of the winter sensory table


What’s in the table: white yarn tied into little bows, strands of white glittered beads, snowflake ornaments, clear snowflake beads, clear stones, colored snowflake confetti, white pom poms, white star garland (cut into pieces), blue tree ornaments


Large items they can include in play: white tree and bear


Containers the boys can put stuff in


What other ideas do you have for great winter sensory table fillers?

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