The Track Family Fun Parks {Branson, MO}

(Disclosure: I received a free trip to Branson, Missouri and free day passes to The Track Family Fun Parks. All thoughts are my own.)

When we were in Branson last weekend we did a lot of fun things but none was more exciting for the kids than riding go-karts at The Track Family Fun Parks. I’ve driven many go-kart tracks in my life and I have to say that these were the most exciting tracks that I’ve ever driven on. One truly felt like a rollercoaster at points and another track had me positive that my go-kart was up in the air.

My two favorite tracks were the Heavy Metal High Rise (pictured above) and the Wild Woody. The Heavy Metal High Rise was four stories high! When we were driving down from the fourth story I felt like I was flying in the air at some points. It was awesome! Wild Woody (pictured below) was also four stories high but felt more like a wooden rollercoaster than a go-kart track. There is one point that you can’t see what’s over the hill and as soon as you speed over it you are headed down. It was exciting!

The Track Family Fun Parks’ rides are split between 5 locations, all located on the central highway that goes through town. We spent most of our time on the kid rides at tracks #5 and #3. Many of the go-kart rides the kids had to ride with an adult and it was a nice feature to have double go-karts that featured two wheels so the kids could feel like they were driving.

The boys took turns riding with me and the other half of the time they rode with their Nana.


There were a few that they could drive on all by themselves. They really liked this!


When the boys were done riding the go-karts they got special stickers that said “first time driver”.

The Tracks Family Fun Parks had a lot more than just go-karts. They had indoor arcade games and other outside kiddie rides.

I really appreciated that the rides were long. They are all on timers and lasted about 5 minutes so you really can get your money’s worth on these rides.

The staff was really nice, too. The one man operating the train ride saw that Jacob was upset about not being able to be in the engine to toot the whistle so he promised Jacob that he could go again and ride in the engine part the second time. It’s little things like that that really makes a difference when out and about with the kids. This man understood that Jacob was having a difficult time and stopped a full-on meltdown from happening with just a few words.

Other rides included a kiddie ferris wheel, bumper cars, and bumper boats. We loved spraying each other on the bumper boats and the cool water was welcome on the hot day.

Overall, we had an amazing time at the Tracks Family Fun Parks. There is plenty to do and with four locations, one could spend a whole day playing! I look forward to going back the next time I am in Branson.

(Disclosure: As stated above, I received free passes to the park but all thoughts are my own.)

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