5 Meal Planning Tips For Busy Parents

Prep Ahead:  Organize your grocery list for each recipe that you intend to prepare. Prepare ingredients earlier in the day, or while you are prepping dinner the night before.  Wrap chopped herbs or aromatics, like garlic and ginger, in damp paper towel in airtight container, and refrigerate.  Then, go straight to cook mode come dinnertime.

Freeze It: So many recipes freeze well and defrost in minutes, providing fast and flavorful dinner solutions.  Soup is a favorite because it can make a meal all on its own.

Opt for Seafood: Fish or shrimp cook quickly and have unique health benefits compared to chicken or red meat.  Don’t be intimidated by making fish at home.

Hide Veggies: Kid’s might not dig into a big pile of broccoli, but you can put broccoli or other veggies into a delicious recipe and they’ll never realize how much healthy stuff they are eating too.

Keep It Interesting: It’s easy to get into a dinnertime rut, making the same 5 or 6 relied upon recipes over and over again.  Keep kids coming to the table by surprising them with new recipes.

Thanks to Cooking Planit for sharing these tips with me. Cooking Planit is a website and mobile app that provides home cooks with step-by-step instructions to create full meals, organizing the process for a more efficient cooking experience that leaves all dishes ready to serve at the same time.


  1. Alina Hahn says

    Thanks for the tip about wrapping herbs! I used to meal plan but summer has been so busy – thanks for motivating me to get back into the planning!


  1. 5 Meal Planning Tips For Busy Parents…

    Prep Ahead: Organize your grocery list for each recipe that you intend to prepare. Prepare ingredients…

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