Buy Quality Used Clothes & Support A Local School

I love clothes shopping for the boys at large resales in my community but it’s not always easy to get some kid-free time to do so. I learned about a site called Schoola Stitch that just opened last week. It is an online consignment shop that gives 40%¬†of every purchase to our schools.

Schoola Stitch sent me a $50 code to go shopping with. I found a lot of quality brands on their site. The condition of all items is listed on the site and most seemed to be in good to excellent condition. Shipping was free on orders over $50. Here is what I got for $52:

1 jacket

1 hooded sweatshirt

1 pair of jeans

1 sweater

4 long sleeve shirts

3 pairs of shorts

1 t-shirt

The GAP Kids sweatshirt is my favorite! Hoodies are definitely a must have for Fall.

Get 30% off your first order using my affiliate link. What will you find for your kids at Schoola Stitch?

(Disclosure: As stated above, I received a gift code to shop at Schoola Stitch. All thoughts are my own.)

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