How To Create A Functional Sports Nook In Your Home {Giveaway}

For over a year I have been trying to develop a system for organizing all of our sports gear and clothing. I created a space near our front door since our home is small and that’s what worked best for us. I had been using some hooks, a laundry basket, and a tin basket to keep everything organized but it just wasn’t working. When I was contacted to review a Rawlings Flexible Sports Organizer I thought it would be a great help for storing some of the smaller items that always found their way throughout my downstairs.

I have been using the Rawlings organizer for a few weeks now and it has really helped keep everything in one spot. With sports 5-6 days a week this Fall I wanted to share how we are staying organized and what works best for us.

What’s hanging: I love the over the door hooks. I found this one at either Walmart or Target. I hang the baseball bag up top. The Rawlings organizer is made to be hung on the wall but since i don’t have much wall space I have it hanging off the hooks on our coat closet. I love how sturdy this organizer is and how many pockets and spaces to put everything it has. We keep our balls, sports socks, extra bats, shin guards, water bottles, and extra cleats (for out of season sports) in it. On the wall I have a coat hook where we hang up the sports jackets and, in winter, the kid’s winter coats.

What’s on the table: I use an old side table to hold a variety of other items. The white basket has all of the sports clothing in it. We used to have all of their clothes in their bedroom closet upstairs but it was just a pain to find everything we needed mixed in with all of their other shirts and pants. No more wondering where the uniform shirt is or missing soccer socks. Everything is washed and put into this one small basket so when we are getting ready to run out the door I have quick access to what I need. In the tin container next to it I have cleats. I keep the soccer bag here, too.

Do you have all of your sports gear organized or can it be found around your house and garage? If you want to create a sports nook of your own you are in luck because I am giving away a Rawlings Flexible Sports Organizer to one of my lucky readers!

Organizing sports equipment and outdoor gear can be a challenge. Kids’ balls, bats, gloves, helmets and sticks can create an obstacle course, taking up valuable space in the mudroom, hall closet or garage. Throw clutter a curveball by using the new Rawlings Flexible Sports Organizers.

Available in three varieties with roomy ball caddies and vertical mesh compartments with hooks and cinches to store all kinds of gear, these vertical smart storage solutions can hold up to 25 lbs. of equipment. The Rawlings Flexible Sports Organizers are made of mildew- and abrasion-resistant durable vinyl and mesh, making them as perfect for the garage or shed as for the basement or closets.


One reader will win a Rawlings Flexible Sports Organizer


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(Disclosure: I received an organizer to review but all thoughts are my own.)


  1. One sport we all play is tennis!

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    My oldest grandson plays many sports but baseball is his biggest and best

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    Thank you so much for the giveaway

  8. We play basketball and soccer.

  9. Alina Hahn says

    Our 3 year old son just started soccer for the first time. He is very active so we will likely sign him up for any sport we can get him in to.

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  13. We are a baseball family!

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  16. I have two boys that play little league baseball and two older boys that play adult softball.

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  19. my boys love football and basketball

  20. We play soccer and baseball!

  21. kelley wood says

    we play football and soccer

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  23. Dawn Monroe says

    We are into disc golf right now as a family. Its great. Its inexpensive, great exercise and all ages can play and win.

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  25. Rebecca Orr says

    My son plays baseball. He likes football too but has not played on a team yet. I really want him to get into soccer though!

  26. Georgia Beckman says

    Our kids are involved in softball, football, soccer, basketball, baseball & cheer leading.

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  30. amy warren says

    We have a hockey player, a swimmer, a dancer and a baseball player.

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    My kids play baseball, softball, football, gymnastics and dance! Tired already. LOL!

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  37. Soccer

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  40. Lauren Becker says

    this would be great for my cousin; he plays hockey!

  41. we play softball and basketball

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  44. We play soccer, baseball, basketball, and ride horses

  45. Christian Alejandro says

    Well.. we have football, baseball, and tennis!

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  50. softball and tennis

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  53. we play pickle ball, golf, and tennis.

  54. We play tennis as a family and my son also plays for his school. He also runs track. Thanks!

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  57. My daughter does Soccer and TaeKwonDo

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  59. We play football, soccer and volleyball.

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  61. We are baseball, soccer, and basketball fans at our house

  62. My family loves hockey.

  63. Leah Shumack says

    Softball and Cheerleading!

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  69. My nephew plays basketball and my niece plays softball.

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    My kids play soccer, volleyball and tee ball right now.

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  73. One of my daughter’s participates in volleyball, another soccer and another softball

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  75. soccer

  76. Jessica Wyatt says

    My son is too young for sports just yet, but my husband still plays baseball and football.

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