Fun Ways to Announce That You’re Expecting

(Disclosure: I am NOT pregnant…this is a guest post :) )

Announcing your pregnancy is an event in and of itself. Not only do you want to share it with your closest family and friends, but you also want to proclaim the good news to everyone via social media. Whether you just found out you are expecting your first little one, or baby number three is on the way, tell the world in a cute, creative way:

Send Cards in the Mail

Once you find out you are expecting, use the due date calculator from First Response to figure out when baby is set to arrive. Then create announcement cards to send out to family and friends. Photo cards are easy to make and can be created on many popular photo-sharing Web sites. Take a photograph of you holding up a chalkboard sign announcing your pregnancy and the baby’s due date, or pose for a picture holding a pair of baby booties in your hand for a more symbolic statement.

Photo of a couple with baby booties by thebaphotography via Flickr

Promote Your Older Child

Instead of simply stating that you have another baby on the way, make it a fun and exciting event for your first child. Create a sign together that announces your older child’s promotion to big brother or sister. Perhaps you could word the sign like this: “Michael is Being Promoted to Big Brother! He assumes his position around January 30, 2014.” Once the sign is complete, take a picture of your son holding it up. It’s the perfect photo to post on Facebook or Instag​ram, and offers a witty way to share the big news.

Photo of a big brother by bengrey via Flickr

Prepare a Slideshow for an Announcement Party

Gather your family members and favorite friends for a barbecue, but don’t tell them that there’s a special occasion. At the party, play a slideshow filled with pictures that hint at your pregnancy. One photo could be a picture of you with a jar of pickles in your hand and a bowl of ice cream on the counter. Another photo could be of your spouse reading a book about becoming a dad. Officially announce the pregnancy in the final photo on the slideshow. Hold up a sign that says, “We’re Expecting Baby #1 in January.” Everyone will get the message, and you’ll get to enjoy their reaction as they come to the realization that you’re eating for two at the event.

Take a Family Photo — And Say “We’re Pregnant!”

If you are sharing your pregnancy news at a family event, capture everyone’s reactions in the moment. Ask everyone to pose for a family photograph, and have your camera ready to snap. Instead of asking everyone to “Say Cheese,” announce your secret instead. Shout, “We’re pregnant!” and take the picture at the same moment to preserve the memory of everyone’s excitement for years to come. You’ll love looking back on the smiles, laughter, hugs and tears as your loved ones react to your announcement.

Photo of a family picture by Philms via Flickr

Give the Gift of a Baby Book

Present your spouse or your parents with a children’s book as a gift. Choose one that was special to you as a child, or one that you think your new baby will enjoy. On the inside of the book, write, “I can’t wait for you to read this to me this winter. Love, Baby.” This touching announcement is a subtle way to announce the baby’s impending arrival. It is sure to bring tears of joy to the recipient of the gift, whether it’s a new dad-to-be or an experienced grandma.

Photo of baby books by katerha via Flickr

About the author: Maria is devoted to contributing to her community’s art program, environmentalism, and being the best mom she can be to her twin boys. Writing is her favorite way to wind down after a hectic day.

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  2. I’ve seen so many cute pictures, especially on Facebook, of young couples telling everything they’re pregnant. These are cute ideas!


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