What Do You “Give A Cup” About?

(Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.)

Peet’s Coffee is asking, “do you give a cup?” Each week they are asking this of a particular question to get America’s opinion on where they should hold their next tasting event. This week’s question is about summer as a verb. Do I “give a cup” about summering? Nope. Vacations are fun and all but you will not hear me say that I am “going summering”.

Another week’s question was on deep dish pizza. Now that is a topic I have an opinion on! As someone who has lived in the Chicago area most of my life, and tried pizza in different places I have traveled to (including New York), I can definitely say that you haven’t had “real” pizza until you have tried deep dish pizza from Chicago! Whether you like your pizza cheese only, full of meat, or topped with veggies, I think you will enjoy deep dish pizza.

Want to give your opinion on this week’s topic? Head on over to Peet’s Give a Cup website and weigh in! Do you #GiveACupĀ or not?


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