Free Bloomin’ Onion At Outback Steakhouse Today {Giveaway}

(Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.)

Outback Steakhouse will honor our nation’s birthday by letting freedom bloom. Visit any Outback location in the 50 states and tell your server to “let freedom bloom” and you’ll receive a FREE Bloomin’ Onion to share with your friends and family at the table. In addition to that, Outback Steakhouse will honor our nation’s heroes with 10% off the entire check at Outback when they come in for lunch or dinner TODAY. Two great ways to save!


One reader will win a $20 Outback gift card


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1) Tweet July 4th only: “Declare your independence with @Outback and get a FREE Bloomin’ Onion on July 4th. Just mention #LetFreedomBloom! #BestMates”

2) Tweet July 4th only:  “July 4th- @Outback is giving all active and retired military a 10% discount. tp:// #BestMates”

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6) Post a blog comment thanking a special member of the armed forces in your life.

Giveaway ends July 6, 2013 at 11:59pm Central time. To enter you must be a US resident 18 or older.


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  2. I’d like to thank my father and father-in-law who both served in the Army. Thank you to the current armed forces who are still fighting for our freedom!

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  8. I thank my older brother for serving in the Navy.

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    I thank my brother who served in the Armed Forces! He did a great job, and he is my hero for protecting my Country with his service!

  16. I thank my grandfathers, father, father-in-law, uncles and brother-in-law for their service to our country. Let Freedom ring!

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  26. A special thanks to my cousin Mike who has been serving for over 20 years in the Navy!

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  31. I’m thankful for my husband.. he is a veteran.

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    Thank you to my hubby who had served 20+ years in the Air Force

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    Special Thanks to ALL who have served our country!!!

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  44. I thank my father-in-law for serving in the Marines.


  1. Free Bloomin’ Onion At Outback Steakhouse Today {Giveaway}…

    (Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.) Outback Steakhouse will honor our nation’s birthday by…