I Just Signed Up To Run My First Marathon…

{Funny story….}

I sat in a meeting where I signed up to run a marathon. Then, after the meeting, I discovered Sinisa had not picked the boys up from their Sunday School classroom {like I thought he would do while I was at the meeting} so I sprinted through Church to pick up Jacob. By the time I got down the hallway I was out of breath.

Yet I somehow think I’m going to make it 26 miles…

What did I get myself into!?


I’ll be running {err more like gasping for air with each step I take} the Chicago Marathon in October and raising money for World Vision to give clean water to children in Africa. I love the cause and I love the Charity so I’m really excited to be doing this. Who has good tips for beginning runners? I’d love to hear them :)


3 thoughts on “I Just Signed Up To Run My First Marathon…”

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  2. You have plenty of time to build up your mileage, so don’t worry about what condition you are in now.
    My tip is don’t do too much too soon. A gradual build up is best. Start building a base with a beginners program and then find a marathon training program (most are 16 weeks). Listen to your body.

    Best wishes!

  3. I think that is incredible that you will train to run a marathon to benefit others and in turn you will be able to run the halls of any church without losing your breath. What an amazing endeavor you have taken on. I would love to do something like this but am stopped by fear of how my body will change…years of eating disorder and body image issues still halt me because I don’t know what would happen with so exercise on my body.


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