Review Of Unroll.Me {Tidy Up Your Email Inbox!}

One thing that drives me crazy is my email inbox. It seems like no matter how many hours I devote to going through my inbox I can never get the number down to an acceptable amount. As a blogger and a business owner, I find important emails getting missed because they are surrounded by a bunch of spam and subscription emails.

23,907 emails! I am embarrassed to say that this isn’t even my busiest email inbox. I could not believe that the unread emails in my gmail account had gotten so high. I went to to see if I could use this site to reduce the number of emails I received in the future. helps you manage email subscriptions by easily unsubscribing to ones that you don’t want to receive anymore.

It was easy to start with I entered my email address and waited while the program went through my email and put together a list of all my subscriptions.

No wonder I had so many emails in my inbox! I was receiving subscriptions to 285 things! I had to get that number down since I didn’t even read most of them. I went through and clicked a button next to the ones I wanted to unsubscribe from. I also had the option to send subscriptions to my inbox as they came if they were something I wanted to read right as they were sent.

After I went through the email subscriptions I was receiving I ended up unsubscribing to 215 lists. 75 was a lot more reasonable.

Once I went through and unsubscribed from lists the remaining emails were then organized into categories and combined into one email per day so instead of sifting through hundreds of emails I only have to look at one.

I liked that I could choose the time of day the email would come. I could have it arrive while I’m drinking my morning coffee, while I’m enjoying the quiet of mid-afternoon naptime, or at night while I’m relaxing. I chose the morning because I like to tackle my inbox while I’m {slowly} waking myself up and preparing for my day.

Overall, I really like the concept of and think it will save me a lot of time when I check my email. Right now the service doesn’t work with a lot of email hosts but from what I understand that will soon change and I can’t wait because my Hotmail email account is full of subscriptions to be organized.

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  1. That is a very cool concept and like to give it a try as it seems like it would help with time management as well. Wow 23,000 emails lol


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