MTFM Featured In The Chicago Sun-Times Newspaper

Photo taken by Rich Hein for the Chicago Sun-Times

I am so excited to share that I am featured in the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper today as part of an article on web security. Another local blogger, Stephanie from And Twins Make 5, is also featured.

You can find the article online here:

I also made a video with 6 tips on staying safe while using social media. This was the most nerve-wracking part of this process for me because I hate watching myself on video. The video can be found on the Chicago Sun-Times website here:

There were also some nice pictures taken by Rich Hein, a photographer who came out to our house to take pictures for the article:

Probably the only people who care about all this are my parents but I just had to share with you all because if it wasn’t for my readers I wouldn’t be part of the Digital Joneses campaign or had this opportunity to be in the paper. I am thankful for all of you and I hope that you all are having a wonderful extended weekend with your family and friends :)

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