Nurture Your Books Giveaway Hop {Balloonatiks Book Giveaway}

I am really excited to be participating in Nurture Your BOOKS blog hop to promote global literacy. Today’s giveaway is a perfect gift for boys in the 7-11 age range to get them excited about reading!

Book Summary: “If only they had listened to Nicole Gonzales…she was against the afterschool frog experiment in the first place. But now, in a high school science class, a chain of events has been set in motion and five ordinary teens- Nicole, Randy, Roosevelt, Sandy and Gary- have been transformed into Balloonatiks…rubbery, shape-stretching heroes, each of them with a special super power. In this first adventure, they must learn to set aside their differences and become a team. Because Hot Air City needs them! The book includes Professor Swellhead’s secret notebook! Get to know Flator, Squeeker, Sparky, Airbrian, Bouncer, and Leaky…the characters everyone is talking about!”


Balloonatiks book- The 1st Goopy, Goofy, Loopy Adventure by Erica Orloff


Leave a comment telling me who you think would love to read this book.


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Giveaway ends November 25, 2011 at 11:59 EST. US Only.

(Disclosure: I received this book for free but was not compensated for this post.)

65 thoughts on “Nurture Your Books Giveaway Hop {Balloonatiks Book Giveaway}”

  1. My nephew I think would really like this book, he is so into superhero’s.
    Thank you for the chance to win your giveaway.

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