TummyTickler Review And Giveaway

My boys love drinking juice so they were really excited to try TummyTickler (for preschoolers) and TummyTicklerTots (for toddlers). I love that these are 100% natural juice with no added-sugar in age appropriate serving sizes. The boys loved that they had characters on the top of them that they like (like Buzz Lightyear and Bob The Builder) and that they tasted great. The spouts are spill-proof which means I was able to give it to my 2 year old without worrying that he would make a mess. They are also re-usable which is cost effective and dishwasher safe which makes them easy to clean (yet another bonus for this busy mom).

TummyTickler products are perfect for:

-families on-the-go

-packed lunches

-car rides

-party favors

-healthy Halloween treats


One reader will win a package of TummyTickler and TummyTicklerTots products.


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Giveaway ends November 13, 2011 at 11:59pm Central time.

(Disclosure: I received product samples to try but all thoughts are my own.)


  1. Go Buzz Lightyear!

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    spiderman or the toystory bunch


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  10. We loves these in my house. My 2yr old loves the Disney Princesses. Plus being spill proof and no sugar added gets an A+ rating from this mom =)

  11. Colleen Maurina says

    Our child’s favorite is Elmo!

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  13. Ariel or any of the princesses

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  15. Elmo!

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  18. My niece would love the Ariel one :)

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  21. My son would love Buzz Lightyear!!?

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  24. my sons favorite is buzz lightyear

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  29. We love Bob the builder.

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    Mickey Mouse and Buzz are the favs in my house!

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  47. My son would love all the Sesame street characters, Toy Story characters and well any of them really he rolls with the flow

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  68. Love Buzz Light year

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  73. Mickey is my 3 year old’s fave

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  76. My daughter loves Minnie Mouse!

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  78. It is all Mickey mouse in our house. My daughter would love it!!
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  80. My boys LOVE Elmo and Curious George!

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  95. buzz and winnie my kids love!

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