Kitchen Organization Ideas

Here are 10 great kitchen/food related organization ideas. Click the pictures to be taken to the websites they are from:

Slow cooker meals in bags!


Grab N Go Snack Stashes


Organize your pantry by grouping ingredients for meals together in bins (with the recipes)


Clearly labeled food storage containers


This is great for all those people who (like me) can't ever find the measuring spoons and cups they need.


Great idea for organizing pots and pans. We really need this!


Look how this freezer is organized! (She gives the whole kitchen tour in her post and wow! Awesome!)


Great storage solution for under the sink.


This magnetic door panel creates extra cabinet space.


Perfect for the pantry door.


  1. I love all of these, just thinking about all the time that is saved!

  2. LOVE the measuring spoon idea. That is one I haven’t seen before and would be perfect for me! Thanks for sharing all of these ideas!

  3. some of these I may have used or tried in my many years (ahem…) but I love the under the sink & freezer tips the best. thanks for sharing Alica!

  4. LOVE organizing tips!!! I think my husband will be putting together the measuring cup/spoon thing for me very soon!

  5. Wow! Great, great tips! Will share it with Momma Cuisine followers!

  6. I feel more zen just looking at these pics. Love the idea of slow cooker meals in bags. Thanks for sharing! Stumbled it too.

  7. Some of these are wicked cute ideas! I love the idea of putting all ingredients for slow cooker recipes in a baggie (then my husband could even make dinner!). I also really like the tension rod under the sink to hand bottles from. I will definitely be doing that!

  8. Love all the bins! We have wire shelves in our pantry and bins would totally make things easier!

  9. I especially love the idea for organizing pots and pans because I can’t stand how they fall out of my cabinet. I hope I can fit it under my cabinet

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  10. We do the “snack bucket” too. Proportioned snacks that get the mommy ok is a great time saver.

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