Drano Snake Plus Review {And Link To $1000 Giveaway}

Life around here is extremely busy. With work, blogging, and family I already have enough on my to-do list. The last thing I need to add to it is a clogged drain!

I was sent Drano Snake Plus to review and used it in the boy’s bathroom. After Lucas got his tubes he had to wear ear plugs in his ears during bath time and one day Jacob decided to stick the putty like earplug into the sink drain and it got stuck. This was a few weeks ago and sad to say it was still in there because I hadn’t gotten around to trying to get it out.

Here are the steps to use Drano Snake Plus:

The earplug was visible in the drain but just stuck enough that I couldn’t get to it easily.

I used the flexible tool to get the earplug out and then snaked it all the way down in the drain as far as I could. Here were the results (beware: lots of gunk!)

I thought the product worked well. My boys don’t have long hair so there wasn’t much in the drain (mine would be full of it…) I loved that the tool inserted into the drain was flexible and at 18 inches would reach most clogs. The box says it works or you get your money back. Can’t beat that guarantee!


Now onto the awesome giveaway going on right now. Look What Mom Found is hosting a giveaway on their blog to help you “unclog your day”. Here is some information on the giveaway from LookWhatMomFound.com (be sure to head over there to enter as comments on this post don’t count):

I can’t wait to see what tips and tricks you guys have! The giveaway ends on September 13, 2011 at 12:00 p.m. PT. Good luck to everyone who enters over at Look What Mom Found and let me know if you win!

(Disclosure: I received Drano Snake Plus and an organizing gift pack from SC Johnson however, the opinions shared are my own.)

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