Tommee Tippee Digital Storybook Review {And Newborn Starter Kit Giveaway}

I normally don’t review web or phone applications, especially ones that I can’t use, but when Tommee Tippee shared this one with me I just HAD to pass it on! Tommee Tippee, a brand that makes products for babies, has a new digital storybook application called The Day Baby Was Born. This innovative free digital storybook is a simple way to capture moments of pregnancy and the birth day through the gathering of Facebook posts, a selection of birthday news and facts and the collection of precious memories through a pregnancy journal.

Here are some of the features I discovered I loved while looking around the application:

-You can include comments from your Facebook wall so it keeps all the well wishes from your child’s birth day. Even better? You can only include the comments that you want to and you can choose to add the person’s profile picture or no picture (great for those people with friends and family who do not have the most modest profile picture).

-You can add news from the day and facts about the time period to the storybook. You can choose what you want to be included. On Luke’s birth day a scandal erupted about a politician’s affair and that is something I’d rather not have in his storybook (I know this because I got a birth day wall hanging from a different company and they included the affair on it!).

-You can include entries from your pregnancy journal to chronicle the pregnancy.

-You can include pictures of the ultrasound and pictures after birth.

-You can answer question prompts but the question can also be changed for a dad, sibling, or other family member to answer so everyone can have a chance to help create the storybook and the everlasting memories.

One thing I would change was when I put in my due date I got this response: “Your Due Date Was 792 Days Ago. Still waiting? We know, you’re ready, already! If baby refuses to budge in a few weeks, your doctor may want to induce labor, but for now, take it in stride and relax.” It made me laugh out loud at the thought of being pregnant that far past my due date so I would maybe suggest the company change the wording :)

Overall, I really like this web application and how it integrates with Facebook. Now on to the giveaway… Last summer I reviewed the toddler line of products from Tommee Tippee and really liked them. My post was titled “I’ve Found A Toddler Cup That Doesn’t Leak!!!” because the cup really was leak proof! It was great. I don’t have that fantastic toddler cup to give away but I do have a Tommee Tippee Newborn Starter Kit!


Tommee Tippee Newborn Starter Kit


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209 thoughts on “Tommee Tippee Digital Storybook Review {And Newborn Starter Kit Giveaway}”

  1. One thing I would include in a memory book for the day my child was born would be my first words to them.

  2. Love how you can include facebook comments from the day they were born so they can see how excited family and friends were on their birth day!

  3. Definitely the news events of the day. My Mom kept the newspaper clipping from the day I was born, but I never knew until I was in my late teenage years. It meant a lot to me at that time when I could really appreciate it.

  4. Thanks for the chance! I’m pregnant with #3 and plan on only using Tommee Tippee! I would include details about the day, when I got there, what happened and the exact time baby was born along with weight and height!

  5. I realize now (and I intend to do this for the next one), but I’d like to write down times. Time we arrived at the hospital, etc. Everyone always asked how long I was in labor, how long was pushing, and honestly, I don’t remember!!

  6. I would include a detailed story of the birth! Every birth has an interesting backstory, it seems

    littleamberfaith at yahoo dot com

  7. 6. I followed via RSS…Google reader (Pauline T…pls use this email address to contact me- emscout9 at Hotmail dot com instead of Gmail)

  8. i would include a little letter to my baby about what was going on in the world and what hopes i had for her!

    hancoci_s at msn dot com

  9. I would include who all came to see them the first day they were born and a pic of each of those people holding them.

  10. My dad saved newspapers from the day but recently I read where someone wrote down all of the exact times of everything and it was so cool to be able to read it in what seemed like real time and have that caught up in the moment feeling withoit even being there!

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