Vitamin Shopping Made Easy At Meijer

I *know* I’m supposed to be taking vitamins daily. It’s been something that has been repeated to me multiple times since I was little- from my Doctors and my parents. But we all know that just because someone tells you something doesn’t mean you are going to do it.

When I think about why I don’t take vitamins it really comes down to me being lazy. Going to the store and looking at labels on vitamin containers trying to figure out which one is best for me doesn’t sound like fun. And supplements? Don’t even get me started on the anxiety that this aisle in the store gives me.

Supplements, supplements, and more supplements.....

So you can imagine when I heard about the Vitamin Finder on Meijer’s website I jumped at the chance to check it out. It was easy to do! I went to Meijer’s website, clicked on pharmacy at the top, clicked on vitamin finder, and then answered a short questionnaire. In less than 5 minutes I had a personalized recommendation guide of what vitamins I should be taking.

Headed to the store with my list I didn’t have to walk up and down the aisle debating between this brand and that brand…  I knew what I wanted, found them on sale (score!), chose vitamins for the rest of my family, and started the rest of my shopping. It was easy to do and if I were just going to the store to find vitamins I would have been out in a matter of minutes (the Easter basket stuff caught my attention this time).

*To learn more about Meijer’s vitamin finder and my experience in store you can view my whrrl story.

(Disclosure: I have been compensated by Collective Bias for my time but all thoughts about Meijer and the vitamin finder are my own.)

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