Sandlot Slugger Nintendo DS Game Review

(This is a review by Liz from Making Time For Mommy’s Review Team)

This review is for the Nintendo DS game Backyard Sports Sandlot Slugger. The game is rated E for everyone.

There are varying skill levels, a variety of teams you can choose from, if you want a mercy rule and choice to play at Home or an away game.

I really liked how easy the game was to play and the instructional aspect included with the game. Most moves were allowed by using your stylus from your DS, however you used the button pad to select the type of pitch you wanted to throw when pitching.

The graphics are clear and the sound is just right for the level of game produced. I secretly tried to play this game on my own, however my four year old daughter caught me and wanted to play as well. To my surprise she figured out how to pitch and swing within 2 tries. This truly is a game for all ages to enjoy!

(Disclosure: This game was given to me for review by All thoughts and opinions are our own.)

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