Quick Giveaway! Butterfinger Snackerz!

Just in time for Halloween comes a quick giveaway from Butterfinger!

NEW Butterfinger Snackerz

The website says:

A crispy, chocolatey, bite-size treat with a smooth BUTTERFINGER®-flavored center topped with a peanut-buttery drizzle!

This mom says:

Yum! I love Butterfinger candy bars and I loved the added peanut butter taste :)

My teenage sister says:

“They were just the right size to fill my Butterfinger needs. It was really, really good. It had a perfect amount of the drizzly stuff on the top, chocolate covering and the Butterfingery middle.” (Her exact words)


Want to try them for yourself? (Ok and maybe offer some to trick-or-treaters?)

Leave a comment below telling me what your favorite part of Halloween (or Fall) is.

One Making Time For Mommy reader will win a Butterfinger Snackerz prize pack!

But hurry!! This giveaway ends Saturday, October 23rd at midnight.


(Disclosure: I received Butterfinger Snackerz to try. All opinions are my own. The prize will be sent directly by the company.)



41 thoughts on “Quick Giveaway! Butterfinger Snackerz!”

  1. I love the Decrations.I just know that I’m goth at heart it just does not show but I love Paranormal stuff of all kinds and I like black.

  2. My favorite part of halloween…aside from the candy, seeing the kids in costumes and handing out candy…is going to my parents’ house for the annual Halloween/My Dad’s Birthday Party. Love visiting with my family (I have six siblings and 17 nieces and nephews).
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  3. My fav. part about Halloween is getting the kids all dressed up in cute or scary costumes and watching them get excited.

  4. I love decorating for fall the best of all seasons. All the leaves, corn husks, haybales, and beautiful fall colors…I have so much fun with them.


  5. I love seeing all the children in costumes and seeing my children light up when they put their costume on. I also love the leaves turning colors. My children love jumping in piles of leaves.

    [email protected]

  6. My favorite part of halloween? Eating the candy of course. Otherwise, not a fan.
    Fall however ROCKS. The change in colors, the end of shaving my legs, these SUPA cute mules I just bought. Chai Lattes and snuggling with my daughter.
    I could go on.

  7. I love the cooler weather and the anticipation of the holidays. And I LOVE Halloween decorations!

  8. My favorite part of fall is apple picking with my son and friends. We go on a beautiful sunny day and drive for 1.5 hrs admiring the beautiful foliage. We stop at a stand and get roasted corn and then on to the apple farm. We get our basket and the kids climb up the trees for the best apples. When our basket (and pockets) are full we go back for some apple cider. Now we have enough apples for Eric to take one to school every day but even better we have enough to make apple crisp weekly thru the winter.

  9. i love how excited the kids get. getting in their costumes and walking around the neighborhood.

  10. I would love to win. The best thing about fall is going to get the apples and getting to see the fall colors.

  11. My favorite part of Halloween is seeing my kids giddy with joy during Trick-or-treating. They don’t eat half the candy they receive (I help!) but there is a lot of fun in the “getting!”

  12. My favorite parts of Fall are watching the leaves change color, the weather cooling, and breaking out the comfort food recipes. And of course, watching my kids have so much fun for Halloween is great too. Especially when they share their candy :b

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