Making Mornings Better With Truvia #maptruvia

You all probably know that I love going out to get Iced Mochas (I even made them one of my top favorites of summer) so I’m sure it’s  no surprise that I jumped on the chance to make some coffeehouse-inspired drinks at home. I wanted to stick with something easy because as a mom if something is complicated I will not take the time to make it for myself. I chose two delicious mixes, one tea and one coffee, and show how in only a couple of minutes you can make something special for yourself. Check out the whrrl story below to find out how to make your mornings better with Truvia:

In addition to these two drinks I also created an Iced Vanilla Coffee using Truvia a few months ago and that recipe can be found here.

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(Disclosure: Collective Bias compensated me for this shop but all opinions are my own.)

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