Best of Summer

Now that Summer is almost over I wanted to reflect on my favorites of the season.

  1. BlogHer– {Yes, I am STILL talking about it!} BlogHer was so much fun and it was great meeting other bloggers.
  2. Splash Pad- For $4 our family was able to have a couple of hours of fun in the sun and some great summer memories.
  3. Ice Cream with the Kids- Watching ice cream melt down their chins and their smiles as they ate the ice cream brought happiness to me {even if it was short-lived as I realized I was the one who would be cleaning up the chocolaty mess}.
  4. Family walks- Pulling the boys in the wagon was a great workout and gave Sinisa and I a chance to talk while the boys were busy looking in wonderment at the world around them {which mainly consisted of the ducks in the stream, the airplanes in the sky, and the dogs in the windows of houses we’d pass by}.
  5. Eating food from the grill- Burgers, chicken, corn… all foods made even better when cooked on the grill.
  6. Kids playing outside- The boys loved playing in the kiddie pool and exploring nature while playing with rocks, sticks, dirt, and grass.
  7. Iced mochas- Starbucks and McDonalds both made my favorite summer treat. You know those commercials about having “me” time with the McCafe drinks? I totally get it… They made even my most hectic days better :)
  8. Air conditioning- I love the warm weather but once it hit the 90’s I was ready for some relief.
  9. Trips to the Farmer’s Market- Our Farmer’s Market was small but I enjoyed walking around with the boys. We would buy fresh fruits and veggies and sit at the library’s outdoor storytime. It was a great way to spend our Friday mornings.
  10. Celebrating birthdays- Jacob and Lucas both celebrated birthdays at the beginning of Summer. I now have two toddlers!


What were your favorites of Summer?

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