Ziploc Review and Giveaway

Ziploc bags have hundreds of uses. Just this week I used them to store Jacob’s partially eaten sandwich, puzzle pieces, m&m’s, and half of a tomato. So many uses means that my family goes through boxes of Ziploc bags monthly so I was excited when I had the chance to review some Ziploc products.

I reviewed the Ziploc brand storage bags with the smart zip seal, Ziploc brand freezer slider bags, Ziploc brand sandwich bags, and the Ziploc brand smart snap containers. I had used the sandwich bags and the containers before but not the other two products.

Ziploc slider bags with expandable bottoms

I loved the Ziploc slider bags. First of all, it was great knowing that the bag was actually closed because it had a zipper on it and I knew when it was all the way to the left the bag was properly closed. The bags had a space to write on them which is helpful for labeling what is in the bag or when the food in the bag was made. My favorite part about this bag though was the expandable bottom. I think that it’s a great concept and helps the bags stand up so that the items don’t fall out of the bag when it’s open.


One reader will win a set of Ziploc products-

*Ziploc Brand Storage Bags with the Smart Zip Seal

*Ziploc Brand Freezer Slider Bags

*Ziploc Brand Smart Snap Containers

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3. Tell me your favorite use for Ziploc bags.

Giveaway ends on September 20th, 2010 at 11:59pm.

(Disclosure: This post was written for Family Review Network & Ziploc who provided the complimentary product for review and giveaway in exchange for my honest opinions.)


  1. I subscribe and would use these for snacks, lunches that I pack daily at work. Saving for our wedding so this would help my fiance and I out.

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  4. To organize crayons.

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  7. I would use them to take my cheese and crackers to work. I subscribe via email.

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  10. I like to use ziploc bags to pack snacks for my kids

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  13. My favorite use for Ziploc bags are for the kids snacks each day. I usually have quite a few healthy snacks already bagged up and they can just reach in the jar and pull one out for the day.

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  17. I use them as ice packs.

  18. i like to use them for bagging up little tiny toys and parts to games.

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  21. I use Ziploc for all sorts of things, mainly food (love the snack sized bags especially). Recently I organized my arts & crafts, they were basically strewn in clear plastic bins willy-nilly until I busted out the Ziploc, so much easier to search for things now!
    Thanks for the giveaway :)

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  24. My favorite use for Ziploc bags is food storage :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

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  27. Cathy Wallace says

    I mainly use them for freezing.

  28. My favorite use is to pack snacks for school lunches.

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  31. I use ziploc bags when I buy meat in bulk.

  32. We use them to organize everything!

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  33. Michele Lawrence says

    I’m a new subscriber. Besides carrying food for lunches, I use them for ice packs wrapped in a towel to keep the mess down (can be refrozen if necessary!)

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  36. Everything goes in a ziploc….=)
    I pack snacks for easy access for when someone says I am hungry..=)
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  37. Flufferwuffer says

    I love using ziploc bags for storage! Especially for storing hamburger after we break up the huge 3-lb packages we buy. :)

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  40. jenn Giannetto says

    i like to buy family quantities of meats and poultry and then use ziploc bags to separate and freeze individual portions

  41. i use ziplocs for found parts of toy sets…til i find the rest…ie:legos
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  45. I use Ziploc bags for just about anything from lunch to organizing, but my favorite use is of course in the freezer. Their Double Guard freezer bags are AMAZING!!

  46. I use ziplocs as cosmetic bags, great to see everything in the handbag!

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  49. My favorite use for ziplocs is putting my daughter’s jigsaw puzzles in them since the boxes always get broken.

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  51. We use ziploc bags for food storage. kim777 at aol dot com

  52. My favorite use for ziplocs is leftover food, cold cuts, veggies.


  53. Heather Henderson says

    My favorite use is when I’m running late to work and I don’t have time to brush my teeth but need to throw my toothbrush/toothpaste in my bag I first seal them in ziploc bags.

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  56. I love to use them not just for food but we play a lot of boardgames and the snack size ones are perfect for holding game parts

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  58. My fav thing to hold in a ziploc is dry cereal to go!

  59. I love to use ziplocs to keep my kids ‘small stuff’ organized. It works SO well

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  61. I like to serve little snacks and stuff in Ziplocs to my daycare kiddos
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  62. Mary-Frances C. says

    My favorite use for Ziplocs is containing puzzle pieces. The boxes ALWAYS break. lol.
    I also use them for freezing food and marinating meat.

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  65. My favorite use for Ziploc bags is marinating meat.

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  68. I use Ziplocs to help store my spare change.

  69. Putting spillable stuff in a suitcase! Ziplocks are great for that!

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    thanks for the giveaway

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  72. I use Ziploc bags for food storage, freezing food, snack bags,

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  74. I LIKE Ziploc on Facebook!
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  75. I absolutely depend on having Ziploc bags when I’m traveling! Not only must passengers keep liquids in a bag for carry-ons, I use them to pack my toiletries and other potentially messy stuff in my checked luggage so I don’t have to worry about shampoo messes! Definite necessity! :)

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

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  78. I use all sizes of Ziploc bags….I think my favorite use is for extra baked goods, like bagels, breads etc…for short term out in the kitchen or for freezing :)

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  81. My favorite use for Ziploc bags is for my son’s flash cards…we always loose the little boxes they come in and we don’t have rubber bands…it makes keeping them all together much easier. Thanks for the chance. bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

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  84. I use Ziploc bags for everything: lunch sandwhiches, to put chicken in pairs so I can easily thaw them for dinner, dog food when I travel with my dog…

  85. love using ziploc to divide up foods into smaller portions.

  86. Eliza Klinger says

    My favorite use for Ziploc Bags is freezing vegetables from my garden. it’s nice to eat vegetables when not in season and enjoy them year round!

  87. Eliza Klinger says

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  90. My favorite use for ziploc bags is storing my kids toy pieces, puzzle pieces etc.

  91. I use ziploc bags for everything. It’s great for storing all the shoes and accessories that my daughter has for her dollies. Otherwise, they’d be scattered all over the house!

  92. I use ziploc bags to store game pieces after the original boxes fall apart.