Fun At The Doctor’s Office

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What works for this mom of two toddler boys is always having a snack for them to eat and activities for them to do. At the Doctor’s the wait can sometimes be over an hour and for a one and two year old that is a long time to sit and do nothing. For yesterday’s Dr. visit I had books, trains, paper and crayons, and a magnetic coloring board. The boys stayed entertained and out of trouble for the hour and a half that we were at the Doctor’s office.

Jacob coloring while waiting for the Dr.
Lucas playing with his magnadoodle while waiting to see the Dr.


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3 thoughts on “Fun At The Doctor’s Office”

  1. Great ideas! I know we spend LOTS of time waiting at the Doctors’ office too… I now like to bring along crayons that they can use to draw on the paper (on the “big table”)
    Have a great day!

  2. It’s always good to have activities, no matter where you go! When I was younger, I always had crayons and coloring books. :) Even now, at age 22, I at least have a book or crossword puzzle! Thank you for sharing, and have a great Wordless Wednesday!


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