That Works For Me E-Book Review & Giveaway

For more than five years, the blog carnival, Works For Me Wednesday has been a hub of helpful tips for every area of a busy woman’s life. Hundreds of bloggers link up every week and thousands of tips have been shared over the past years. I was really excited when I got an email a … Read more

The 5 Minute Car Cleanup

On a typical day I spend a lot of time in my car and often leave stuff behind when I get out because I’m holding a child, a purse, a bag, and opening doors while trying not to trip on my three year old who is walking right in front of me. While driving today … Read more

Fun At The Doctor’s Office

and Wordless Wednesday ***** What works for this mom of two toddler boys is always having a snack for them to eat and activities for them to do. At the Doctor’s the wait can sometimes be over an hour and for a one and two year old that is a long time to sit and … Read more

Think Outside The (Easter) Basket

Every Easter I buy baskets to put goodies in. I don’t just pick any old basket. I take my time. I choose the cutest baskets I can find. I then search multiple stores for yummy candies and fun toys. I buy the colorful Easter grass so that I can nestle the goodies in the basket. … Read more

WFMW- Prayer

So many of my friends and family members are hurting lately. They’ve experienced the death of a loved one, miscarriage, illness, job loss, divorce. So much pain that I can’t fix. Sometimes I wish I just had a magic wand and could make all of their problems disappear but, as far as I know, that … Read more