Think Outside The (Easter) Basket

Every Easter I buy baskets to put goodies in. I don’t just pick any old basket. I take my time. I choose the cutest baskets I can find. I then search multiple stores for yummy candies and fun toys. I buy the colorful Easter grass so that I can nestle the goodies in the basket. I organize the items in the basket so each one can be seen. Get my drift here? This Easter basket takes a few hours to prepare. Here is Jacob’s Easter basket last year (it was his first Easter basket):

Easter 2009

Wasn’t it cute? Jacob was young so not a lot of goodies but a decent amount. He loves the fridge DJ and the Thomas book. His dad and I enjoyed the candy. And the basket… well, I’m not sure where the basket is. It may be in a box in storage. It may have been given to Goodwill when we moved…. I just don’t know!

So this year we aren’t doing baskets. I just can’t stand the thought of spending $5-10 on something that we will not be keeping. And now that I have two children the cost goes up! So this year we are skipping the baskets and instead we are giving each of the children their “goodies” in these rolling toy bins that I found at Target.

Aren’t they wonderful?! They were more expensive to buy than baskets but I know that they will be used after Easter, too. We could always use more toy storage and these are sturdy, mobile, and have handles for easy lifting. I love them! :)


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  1. Those are awesome! Did they have a variety of colors? I love that they are on wheels! I might have to look into getting some myself.

    • Thanks Jen! They didn’t have any other colors that I saw. They did have other bins that were plastic on wheels and those ones they had the blue but they also had pink ones.

  2. I really like your idea of the storage bin. I’m planning to buy beach buckets because we live around 10 minutes from the beach and the girls are going to use them.

  3. What a super idea! It’s great to find a way to contain the clutter instead of adding to it. We usually give the kids baskets and let them fill them up, and this would would work for that method too. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Penny Saver says

    My brother and I had the same Easter basket year after year, just a regular basket that was stored away with the Easter decorations between seasons each year. That worked for her! I do much smaller baskets, but a bigger, functional-after-Easter bin works too!

  5. Awesome idea! We have the baskets that my kids use year after year but I love those bins you found for other stuff!

  6. I think it’s a GREAT idea! You gotta keep ’em guessing, right?! I like your blog, I’m a new follower. Hope you’ll stop by and see my sometime at
    Have a wonderful day!

  7. Last year the Easter Bunny left a rolling bucket type wheel barrow (Walmart had them). Inside was gardening gloves, a rake, shovel, trowel, etc. for each kid (pink for my daughter, blue for my son and green for the stuff they would share like the wheel barrow itself). There were also seed packets and some candy among the Easter grass and such. It was a HUGE hit despite the fact that it wasn’t traditional and it was more of a share gift.

    Typically though, I reuse the same basket. I have one for each child that they’ve used since their first Easter. We also have a big basket for family gifts (DVDs, full bags of candy, etc.). I don’t buy new ones each year.

  8. Thanks for adding my button! I already stopped by this the other day for WFMW. :) I will tweet and stumble now though.

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