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A Day In The Life Of A “Mommy Blogger”

This is how my day goes if S works the day shift at his job:

5:30-8am- My children wake up. I change their diapers, bring them both milk and put a short movie on for them (either Thomas or the Wiggles). I normally return to bed with the intent on getting a few more minutes of sleep but normally just lay there awake. I hope for the boys to fall back asleep but that doesn’t happen. So I get up, throw some clothes on and get the boys dressed for the day.

8-9am- The boys have breakfast and then play in the TV room while I finish getting ready, clean up the kitchen, and fill their diaper bag with everything we will need for the day. Normally by the time all that is done they’ve dumped a few containers of toys, wrestled a little, and Lucas has climbed up the steps about a dozen times.

9-11am- I get them in the car and we head to wherever we are going for the morning. Occasionally we stay home (in which case I’m still in my jammies at this time) but normally we go to a playdate, meet some friends, or head to the library.

11:30-12pm- Once we get home the boys have lunch and then it’s time for naps. After I lay them down I clean up the kitchen, grab a pop from the fridge, and then have about an hour to myself. I respond to emails, check my blogging groups, and talk to people on Twitter. I normally don’t do any actual writing during this time.

1:30-4pm- Jacob wakes up at 1:30 and has a snack and a choice of quiet activities (puzzles, reading library books, coloring) while I continue online work. After this we do an activity or craft  together and then cuddle on the couch and watch a show. Lucas normally sleeps until 3:30.

4-7pm- Once Lucas wakes up I give him a snack and we run errands and/or go somewhere child friendly like an indoor or outdoor playground. Once home, we have dinner, bathtime, and then the boys play in their room.

7-12am- The boys go to bed. I do some cleaning and then I start my blogging and networking. I write posts, email, open the boxes of items for review that came during the day, use Twitter, check meetup.com and Facebook, work on to-do’s, and anything else that has popped up that needs my attention. Once or twice a week S and I will have a “date” night at home and watch a movie together.

12am- Time to shower and head to bed. Once in bed I normally check my email and Twitter on my blackberry again before closing my eyes.

(Disclosure: I have written this post as part of the Lovable Labels contest in hopes of winning a spot to represent the company at BlogHer in NY. If I win my trip will be paid for.)

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