Wordless Wednesday: Bloggers at BlogHer

The above is a picture of myself, Renae, Anna, and Krissy in a limo on our way to Martha Stewart’s Blogger’s Night Out.

This is a picture of me at an evening event with Morgan, Maria, and another blogger.


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Top Ten Tuesday: Sunshine Award BlogHers

Back in July I won a Sunshine Award from Staci at November Sunflower. Thank you so much Staci! :)

“The Sunshine Award is awarded to bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspire others in the blogging world.”

Awards like this have some rules…..

1. Put the award on your blog and/or within your post.

2. Pass the award on to twelve bloggers.

3. Link to the nominees within your post.

4. Let them know they received this award by commenting on their blog.

5. Share the love and the link to the person from whom you received the award.


I am breaking the rules and sharing this award with 10 (not 12) wonderful women I had the chance to spend time with at BlogHer in New York City:

1. Louise of MomStart

2. Maria of My Chicago Mommy

3. Valerie of Seasonally Affected Mom

4. Heather of Wistful Wrists

5. Heather of Just Heather

6. Renae of Madame Deals

7. Anna of Girl With Blog

8. Maricris of Zensible Mama

9. Alecia of Savings & Stewardship

10. Cher of Mama’s Money Savers

Hope you will stop by their blogs and say hello!! :)

Energizer Recharge Me, Please!

I’m a mom of two toddlers. Two toddler BOYS. Not to mention that my oldest is lets say… “spirited”. I’m constantly going in multiple different directions. I love my children so much but boy do they wear me out.

And obviously since you are reading this, you know I blog. I currently contribute to three sites with two more coming this month. That means that when I’m not chasing my cute little monsters children around I am on my computer writing and networking.

Then there’s the housework.

Laundry for six people is a big job. Two little ones means lots of outfit changes due to potty accidents and messy meals. There’s also a teenage girl in the home which means lots of debating on which outfit looks best and clothes strewn all over the floor which means I get the pleasure of washing extra clothes… ones that weren’t even dirty in the first place.

Then there are the dishes, the sweeping of the kitchen floor at least five times a day, and picking up toys.

TOYS. Toys that light up. Toys that move around. Toys that make music. Toys that talk to you. Do you know what the talking, singing, moving, music making toys mean to me? LOTS OF BATTERIES. And of course none of them only take one battery. They are all in 2’s or 4’s. Four batteries for a toy that makes loud, obnoxious music? Really? Yes, as if the toy’s noise making wasn’t enough to annoy me there is the added cost of buying all those batteries.

So along comes Energizer with a solution: the Energizer® Recharge Smart™ Charger. What a fabulous invention! Don’t buy packs and packs of batteries anymore! The new charger features a LCD screen with a countdown clock displaying the remaining charging time. It also has a fuel gauge indicating the current level of power in the batteries that are charging. No more guessing when your batteries are fully charged or hoping that the battery you pick up from your drawer has some “juice”. I also love the fact that the Energizer® Recharge Smart™ Charger has a bad battery alert that lets us know when the battery can’t be charged any more.

Even better… Energizer is not only a recharger of batteries but they want to rechargHER too! Both Barefoot Mommies and An Island Life are each giving away (2) $2,000 to people going to BlogHer. I am attending the conference and jumped at this opportunity to represent Energizer. Not only could I really use the sponsorship to fund my travel and my hotel stay but I feel I would be a great choice for one of the four sponsorships available because I really understand what it means to keep going, and going, and going, and going, and going…. I would love the chance to tell others about Energizer and their new Energizer® Recharge Smart™ Charger both at the conference and in my local community. Also, as a previous Social Media Manager, I really feel I could use the skills that I have to network online and use social media tools like Whrrl, Facebook and Twitter to spread news about Energizer. I know that I would go above and beyond what is required to accept this sponsorship and really become a brand ambassador for them.

That being said, I would be honored if you, my readers, would help me out. Could you please send a tweet or two for me to let Energizer and the ladies at An Island Life and Barefoot Mommies know that you feel I should get chosen? I would really, really appreciate it…

You can tweet:

“@kailani Please choose @aliciamarie112 to win a $2000 #BlogHer10 sponsorship from #energizer http://bit.ly/997lLl”


“@BarefootMomma Please choose @aliciamarie112 to win a $2000 #BlogHer10 sponsorship from #energizer http://bit.ly/9dqDfZ”

(Disclosure: I’m trying to win a sponsorship to BlogHer which is in a few weeks. I have not been compensated for this post but may be in the future.)

Lovable Labels BlogHer’10 Getaway Contest

A Day In The Life Of A “Mommy Blogger”

This is how my day goes if S works the day shift at his job:

5:30-8am- My children wake up. I change their diapers, bring them both milk and put a short movie on for them (either Thomas or the Wiggles). I normally return to bed with the intent on getting a few more minutes of sleep but normally just lay there awake. I hope for the boys to fall back asleep but that doesn’t happen. So I get up, throw some clothes on and get the boys dressed for the day.

8-9am- The boys have breakfast and then play in the TV room while I finish getting ready, clean up the kitchen, and fill their diaper bag with everything we will need for the day. Normally by the time all that is done they’ve dumped a few containers of toys, wrestled a little, and Lucas has climbed up the steps about a dozen times.

9-11am- I get them in the car and we head to wherever we are going for the morning. Occasionally we stay home (in which case I’m still in my jammies at this time) but normally we go to a playdate, meet some friends, or head to the library.

11:30-12pm- Once we get home the boys have lunch and then it’s time for naps. After I lay them down I clean up the kitchen, grab a pop from the fridge, and then have about an hour to myself. I respond to emails, check my blogging groups, and talk to people on Twitter. I normally don’t do any actual writing during this time.

1:30-4pm- Jacob wakes up at 1:30 and has a snack and a choice of quiet activities (puzzles, reading library books, coloring) while I continue online work. After this we do an activity or craft  together and then cuddle on the couch and watch a show. Lucas normally sleeps until 3:30.

4-7pm- Once Lucas wakes up I give him a snack and we run errands and/or go somewhere child friendly like an indoor or outdoor playground. Once home, we have dinner, bathtime, and then the boys play in their room.

7-12am- The boys go to bed. I do some cleaning and then I start my blogging and networking. I write posts, email, open the boxes of items for review that came during the day, use Twitter, check meetup.com and Facebook, work on to-do’s, and anything else that has popped up that needs my attention. Once or twice a week S and I will have a “date” night at home and watch a movie together.

12am- Time to shower and head to bed. Once in bed I normally check my email and Twitter on my blackberry again before closing my eyes.

(Disclosure: I have written this post as part of the Lovable Labels contest in hopes of winning a spot to represent the company at BlogHer in NY. If I win my trip will be paid for.)

So Excited….

I now have tickets for both BlogHer and the Relevant Conference. I am so excited to be going to both but sadly have to wait over five months for one and eight months for the other. I surely will talk about both in greater detail as the months go by but just couldn’t wait to make the announcement! :)

I'm going

I am currently looking for companies to sponsor me to both conferences and can’t wait to tell you about the awesome companies I will be representing once they are confirmed!