So Excited….

I now have tickets for both BlogHer and the Relevant Conference. I am so excited to be going to both but sadly have to wait over five months for one and eight months for the other. I surely will talk about both in greater detail as the months go by but just couldn’t wait to make the announcement! :)

I'm going

I am currently looking for companies to sponsor me to both conferences and can’t wait to tell you about the awesome companies I will be representing once they are confirmed!


  1. Congratulations, I know you are going to enjoy both.

  2. Good for you. I hope you get 100% sponsorship and an opportunity to rep some great companies. Thanks for linking up to join From Frumpy to Fab on March 15th

  3. Alicia, How exciting that you are going to Blogher. I would love to but can’t swing it financially. Please promise to keep us posted! Thanks for stooping by site, I am off to keep partying.



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