Menu Plan Monday- Meals My Mom Made

This week I am celebrating my (step)mom’s life. We will be enjoying five of our favorite meals that she made.

MONDAY- Salmon Loaf, Peas, and Mashed Potatoes

TUESDAY- Beef Stroganoff

WEDNESDAY- Cheese Lasagna

THURSDAY- Beef Brisket


(I had hoped to include recipes but am waiting on my dad to find our recipe box so check back later in the week for the recipes)

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    • Thanks :) Salmon loaf is kind of like meatloaf but with salmon instead of ground beef. It is so yummy. I looked for pictures onlineto show you but they all didn’t look to appetizing… lol. I will put the recipe up as soon as I can.

  1. I plan on making beef stroganoff soon. (I got a hamburger helper version with my couponing, but I’d love to make a real version.) Let me know your recipe when you find it :)


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