Slow Down

As I sit here and think about all the things that I have to do this weekend I have been hearing “slow down”. Maybe it’s God’s voice. Maybe it’s my brain telling me that if I overload it with one more thing it will explode. Maybe it’s my body telling me it needs to relax…. … Read more

Recipe- Mom’s Lemon Bars

While I was going through one of my mom’s recipe boxes to find the recipes for Monday’s menu plan I found her recipe for lemon bars. Since I didn’t find the recipes I was looking for I thought I would share this simple dessert with you. These things are so yummy! LEMON BARS 1) Prepare … Read more

Things My Mom Taught Me About Life

My (step)mom dealt with Epilepsy for almost 9 years before being taken away in her sleep on June 17, 2009. In the almost 20 years that she was in my life she taught me a lot. Tomorrow she would have been 54 and in celebration of her life I wanted to share 10 things that … Read more

Menu Plan Monday- Meals My Mom Made

This week I am celebrating my (step)mom’s life. We will be enjoying five of our favorite meals that she made. MONDAY- Salmon Loaf, Peas, and Mashed Potatoes TUESDAY- Beef Stroganoff WEDNESDAY- Cheese Lasagna THURSDAY- Beef Brisket FRIDAY- Tacos (I had hoped to include recipes but am waiting on my dad to find our recipe box … Read more

Happy 14th Birthday, Aunt Morgan!

Today my little sister turns 14 years old! I wanted to include part of her birth story which I wrote years ago in junior high when she was born as a preemie weighing only one pound 14 ounces. This is the story of the miracle baby: “Alicia! Wake up,” my dad uttered, as he shook … Read more