My list

I visited the site where they encourage people to do 101 goals in 1001 days. I liked the idea but I changed it a bit for myself because I wanted to include many small things in my list. I was wanting to start on Monday which is my 25th birthday but I started two of the items early. Here’s my list-



  1. Keep a short-term to do list and complete items weekly
  2. Start a journal and journal at least every other day (0/548)
  3. Start a happy journal and identify 500 things that make me happy (0/500)
  4. Get a haircut every 3 months (0/12)
  5. Start and use a calendar
  6. Update my wardrobe with clothes that fit and I like
  7. Purchase wants: phone and videocamera
  8. Get a pedicure every other week in the summer (0/14)
  9. Have five “me” days a year (0/15)
  10. Write Avery a letter
  11. Make a list of 50 things I like about myself (0/50)
  12. Count clothing
  13. Find the perfect foundation in the right color
  14. Find great fitting jeans and buy them
  15. Dress up once a week even if I’m just staying home
  16. Get fitted for bras
  17. Find a ring I love and we can afford
  18. Get a facial
  19. Get eyebrows waxed
  20. Start tanning a few times a week
  21. Buy something for myself once a month
  22. Get a massage
  23. Spend money on five things I normally wouldn’t ie-peapod (0/5)
  24. Find acceptance in two private matters I’m struggling with
  25. Be more positive
  26. Be less critical of myself and others
  27. Be more patient
  28. Gossip less
  29. Love myself


  1. Lose 50 pounds
  2. Finish a 5k
  3. Go to the gym at least 3 times a week (0/468)
  4. Get my teeth fixed
  5. Go to 36 exercise classes (0/36)
  6. Keep track of my monthly cycle
  7. Drink one glass of water a day
  8. Take vitamins every day
  9. Do 100 push-ups (
  10. Learn ten yoga poses (0/10)
  11. Go without caffeine for one week
  12. Develop a nightime routine and stick to it
  13. Go to dentist for cleaning twice a year (0/5)
  14. Find a primary care physician
  15. Go to eye doctor for a checkup
  16. Go to dermatologist to check moles
  17. Get a pap smear done once a year (0/2)


  1. Plan wedding and get married
  2. Have another baby in 2009/2010
  3. Cook dinner ten times for Sinisa (0/10)
  4. Write a letter to Sinisa once a month (0/36)
  5. Take 20 walks with Sinisa (0/20)
  6. Watch the sunrise
  7. Watch the sunset
  8. Do two romantic things for Sinisa a month (0/72)
  9. Have a date day/night once a month (0/36)
  10. Take dance lessons with Sinisa
  11. Complete ‘1000 Questions to Ask Before you get Married’ book (0/1001)
  12. Have a fire in the fireplace twice a winter (0/6)
  13. Dance at home with Sinisa
  14. Go on a romantic picnic once a summer (0/3)
  15. Go stargazing
  16. Listen to 50 of Sinisa’s favorite songs (0/50)
  17. Go to pre-marital counseling
  18. Take a carriage ride
  19. Kiss Sinisa: at midnight on New Year’s Eve, in the rain, under water, under mistletoe
  20. Buy Sinisa something he’s been wanting once a month
  21. Have a candlelight dinner


  1. Send birth announcements
  2. Write a letter to Jacob once a month (0/36)
  3. Read 1,000 books to Jacob (0/1000)
  4. Get professional pictures taken (0/19)
  5. Make all baby food unless traveling
  6. Take a photo of Jacob everyday
  7. Make and update monthly a growth chart for Jacob
  8. Complete baby book
  9. Order Jacob’s birth certificate
  10. Learn ten new songs to sing to Jacob
  11. Take Jacob to story time at the library
  12. Write Jacob’s birth story for his baby book
  13. Input list of Jacob’s “firsts” online and keep it updated
  14. Put snapfish pictures in group room
  15. Baby proof home
  16. Teach Jacob baby sign language
  17. Potty train Jake in 2009/2010
  18. Record 100 videos of Jacob and post online (0/100)


  1. Spend two days with each person in my immediate family (0/18)
  2. Visit with family once a week (0/156)
  3. Write a letter to 10 people who are important to me (0/10)
  4. Trace my family tree
  5. Contact each grandparent twice a year (0/30)
  6. Take a picture with ten people I love and write a paragraph about our relationship (0/10)
  7. Get a family picture taken twice a year (0/6)
  8. Send out Holiday cards and family updates each Christmas (0/3)
  9. Write thank-you’s for all gifts received


  1. Visit with college friends two times (0/2)
  2. Have a girl’s day/night once every other month (0/18)
  3. Organize a “young parents” meetup
  4. Host five parties at my house (0/5)
  5. Get in touch with three people I’ve lost contact with (0/3)
  6. Call someone once a month that isn’t family (0/36)
  7. Make five new friends (0/5)
  8. Host a Holiday cookie exchange
  9. Go out to a bar with a friend
  10. Attend a meetup for each group I’m in
  11. Become active in Mom’s of Infants group-at least two activities a month
  12. Become active in Bolingbrook mom’s group-at least two activities a month
  13. Write notes to my friends telling them what they mean to me


  1. Make a cleaning schedule and stick to it
  2. Organize bedroom
  3. Clean out file cabinets and keep them organized
  4. Finish decorating the nursery
  5. Clean closet and maintain
  6. Clean bathroom and maintain
  7. Buy fresh flowers for the house twice a month (0/72)
  8. Purchase items for home: desk and entertainment center
  9. Back five times a year (0/15)
  10. Make my desk area more usable
  11. Clean out under bed
  12. Sanitize all Jacob’s toys
  13. Go through magazines and purge then keep only ten
  14. Frame and hang pictures on family
  15. Clean and organize laundry room
  16. Go through green laundry bag and hem/fix or take to cleaners
  17. Hang framed art
  18. Reupholster chairs
  19. Fix carpeting by bathrooms and kitchen
  20. Paint bathroom walls
  21. Clean out closet in Jacob’s room
  22. Clean out storage closet
  23. Repaint blue dresser
  24. Have maintenance fix door and blinds
  25. Organize family life binder


  1. Finish bankruptcy
  2. Establish a 3 month emergency fund
  3. Talk to family member about taking care of Jacob in case of our deaths
  4. Draft living will
  5. Pay off Saturn loan (0/10 payments)
  6. Open a saving’s account
  7. Save for a down payment and move into a rent-to-own house
  8. Develop and stick to a budget for 3 months
  9. Call SM loan and create payment plan
  10. Call GL loan and create payment plan
  11. Call CB loan and create payment plan
  12. Listen to Dave Ramsey’s financial CDs
  13. Sell five things on ebay (0/5)
  14. Purchase a new car
  15. Look into renter’s insurance
  16. Get current with all bills
  17. Check credit reports once a year (0/3)
  18. Pay movie store fines
  19. Change car insurance companies
  20. Keep track of spending and checking accounts


  1. Get an Associate’s Degree
  2. Learn 100 words/sayings in Croatian (2/100)
  3. Take a photography class
  4. Learn how to change a tire
  5. Attend three workshops (0/3)
  6. Learn the sign language alphabet (0/26)
  7. Learn how to use five different exercise machines at the gym
  8. Apply to University
  9. Read or watch at least two news stories a day
  10. Get college transcripts
  11. Watch a documentary
  12. Research bpd
  13. Learn 50 new abortion facts I didn’t know


  1. Create a professional portfolio
  2. Write my resume
  3. Organize article file
  4. Find a flexible, well paying job


  1. Plan and take a vacation
  2. Go to the beach five times (0/5)
  3. Go camping twice (0/2)
  4. Go to California
  5. Visit a state I’ve never been to
  6. Visit family in New York
  7. Visit family in Pennsylvania
  8. Go on a boat
  9. Visit a botanical garden
  10. Spend a day downtown each summer (0/3)
  11. Go to an orchard and pick apples
  12. Go to an amusement park
  13. Take a road trip
  14. Go to the zoo
  15. Go to a waterpark
  16. Go to a museum
  17. Go to Navy Pier
  18. Go skiing
  19. Stay somewhere overlooking the water


  1. Erase songs on IPod that I don’t like
  2. Add songs to IPod monthly
  3. Create playlist on IPod for the gym
  4. See 25 movies I’ve never seen before
  5. Make a top 10 list of movies and songs
  6. Attend one concert a year (0/3)
  7. Attend 10 festivals (0/10)
  8. Go to a drive-in movie
  9. Spend a day watching a tv show marathon
  10. Go to a taping of the Oprah show
  11. See Blue Man Group


  1. Read all Nora Roberts books I own
  2. Start an online blog
  3. Read 50 parenting books
  4. Write a children’s book
  5. Catalog all books and organize them
  6. Write 10 reviews of places or services ( or (0/10)
  7. Participate in NaNoWrimo
  8. Write the book that’s been in my mind for years but first talk to HER about it
  9. Read 20 relationship books
  10. Subscribe to two magazines (0/2)
  11. Publish an article online or in print
  12. Try to get Morgan’s story published
  13. Publish something I’ve created through
  14. Join a book club and read at least one book with them


  1. Setup a scrapbooking area
  2. Create scrapbooks for Jacob’s first 3 years
  3. Create scrapbook for my relationship with Sinisa
  4. Create scrapbook of college years
  5. Join and sing in a choir
  6. Make Jacob five things including: ABC book, teddy bear, family photo album
  7. Be an extra in a movie or tv show
  8. Organize pictures
  9. Audition for something
  10. Do a project from
  11. Take at least five pictures from each event I go to
  12. Relearn how to crochet
  13. Do Live Journal’s “A Day in My Life” photography project


  1. Volunteer 20 days of my time (0/20)
  2. Give away 100 items (0/100)
  3. Give blood once a year (0/3)
  4. Do 50 random acts of kindness (0/50)
  5. Tell a manager when I get good service
  6. Attend a pro-life event
  7. Become a CASA (court appointed special advocate)
  8. Participate in Holiday gift tree for a needy child
  9. Write a letter to a politician about abortion
  10. Release five books through (0/5)
  11. Use reusable shopping bags for small trips to the grocery store
  12. Replace light bulbs with energy efficient ones as they go out
  13. Look into recycling and start recycling cans
  14. Donate 50,000 grains of rice through
  15. Anonymously pay for five strangers coffees or food (0/5)
  16. Re-sign up to be an organ donor
  17. Complete two March of Dimes Walks (0/2)
  18. Go through clothes and give away what I don’t want


  1. Read the whole Bible
  2. Tithe weekly (0/156)
  3. Find a church home
  4. Do devotions every day for a month (0/30)


  1. Watch fireworks live
  2. Go to a parade
  3. Drive around looking at Christmas lights and drinking hot cocoa
  4. Go mini-golfing
  5. Walk along the lakefront
  6. Decorate Easter eggs
  7. Play in the rain
  8. Go down a waterslide
  9. Shop at a Farmer’s Market
  10. Go bowling
  11. Make smores
  12. Draw with chalk on the sidewalk
  13. Go sledding
  14. Try 15 foods I’ve never tasted before
  15. Build a snowman
  16. Finish a 1000 piece puzzle
  17. Complete a Suduko book
  18. Mail a secret to postsecret
  19. Color in a coloring book
  20. Go swimming
  21. Play a board game
  22. Fly a kite
  23. Achieve a 30% winning percentage in solitaire
  24. Complete a crossword puzzle on my own
  25. Go horseback riding
  26. Plant flowers
  27. Race a go-kart
  28. Play laser tag
  29. Go pumpkin picking and carve the pumpkin
  30. Shop at a thrift store other than Goodwill
  31. Buy a lottery ticket
  32. Visit five new restaurants (0/5)
  33. Send out a message in a bottle
  34. Go out for ice cream
  35. Go to a sporting event
  36. Get a typing speed of 100wpm at
  37. Register $5 at


  1. Create and maintain a list of favorite websites
  2. Create and maintain a list of my online profiles
  3. Clean off computer hard drive
  4. Empty email inbox and keep it empty
  5. Setup google applications
  6. Organize pictures on the computer
  7. Add pictures to flickr account
  8. Update all online profiles
  9. Start a blog and blog at least twice a week


  1. Wash car inside and out twice a year (0/6)
  2. Get oil changed four times a year (0/12)
  3. Renew license plates (0/2)
  4. Update address book
  5. Get a new passport
  6. Get a new license


  1. Excellent..keep it up

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