Shirley’s Prepackaged Crafts {Review and Giveaway}

Ever have those weeks where you plan to do a bunch of fun crafts with your child but by the time you know it, it’s the weekend and you haven’t sat down for “art” time with your child even once? I know that feeling all too well. I pin lots of fun crafts on Pinterest, … Read more

Autumn Themed Crafts {Saturday Stumbles}

Some of my favorite Fall crafts I’ve seen around the web. Click on the picture to be taken to the post :) *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** And as an added bonus…. Check out this costume!!!!!!!!

Picture Schedule For Children {Tutorial}

Some children, especially those with difficulties when transitioning, benefit from a picture schedule. Seeing what their day will look like and knowing what is coming up will make transitions easier. It’s also helpful for children who are waiting for something later in the day. My son’s Developmental Therapist suggested that I make one for him. … Read more

Mother’s Day Craft Tutorial: Picture Flowers

Materials Needed: –Elmer’s Tri-Fold Display Board -Small pot -Craft sticks –Elmer’s CraftBond Permanent Dot Runner –Elmer’s CraftBond Adhesive Squares -1 piece of construction paper -1 piece of cardstock -Scissors or an X-acto knife -Styrofoam ball –Elmer’s School Glue -Green grass (flower covering or Easter basket grass) -Items to decorate pot and flowers (We used Elmer’s … Read more

Creating An Art Keepsake

Though my children are only toddlers I already feel like I’m being buried under tons of art collages, finger paintings, and other artwork. I know as they get older it’s just going to get worse so I decided to create a “brag book” of Jacob’s artwork from his toddler years. I went to The UPS … Read more

Storing Children’s Artwork

As the boys start creating more artwork I decided I should probably come up with a way to store it. I had these file bins sitting around and thought they would be the perfect size for storing the boy’s art. I used cardstock and stickers to make labels for the bins and will use file … Read more

Memory Keeping

Ever go on a trip and take lots of pictures and then they just sit on your computer? Hopefully I am not the only one that does that! I really wanted to preserve my memories from my Florida trip so I decided to frame them and since it was a “crafty” trip I wanted to … Read more

Making A Goal Board with Elmer’s #canyoutopthis

At the beginning of this year I created goals for myself. I really want to succeed so I made a goal board to display my goals so I can look at them everyday. To make this board I used: -Elmer’s Tri-Fold Display Board -Elmer’s Construction Paper -Elmer’s Borders -Elmer’s Letters -Elmer’s Glue Stick -Shape stencil … Read more