Memory Keeping

Ever go on a trip and take lots of pictures and then they just sit on your computer? Hopefully I am not the only one that does that! I really wanted to preserve my memories from my Florida trip so I decided to frame them and since it was a “crafty” trip I wanted to jazz things up a bit.

Materials Needed:



-Scrapbook paper or cardstock

-Decorative Edge Scissors

-Stickers (letters and themed ones)

-Elmer’s Adhesive Squares

-Elmer’s Dot Roller


1) Cut one piece of paper to the size of your frame (mine was 8×10). This will be your background piece.

2) Cut strips of a different colored paper. You can use plain or decorative edge scissors (I chose decorative).

3) Using glue dots adhere the strips to the mat letting part of the decorative edge peek out from behind the mat.

4) Use the glue dot roller to adhere the mat to the background.

5) Cut the photograph down to size using decorative scissors.

6) Center the photograph in the middle of the frame and use adhesive squares to attach it.

7) Use stickers to decorate the mat. I chose letters and crafty stickers (glue, crayon, scissors) but use whatever stickers relate to your trip.

8) Put the frame together and you are all done!

To learn more about my shopping trip and see a step by step guide (with pictures) for this project please view my Whrrl story.

(Disclosure: I was compensated for this shop and post by Collective Bias.)

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