Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent

Thanks to Tru Earth for sponsoring this post.

Over the years I’ve become more conscious of the impact I have on the world around me. I have taken many steps to mitigate that but I still don’t do as much as I could. With Earth Day around the corner, I thought it would be the perfect time to talk about one easy way that I, and others, can be “green” and that is to cut down on single-use plastics.

Plastics are in many things we use daily from food and drink bottles to cleaning supplies to laundry detergent jugs. According to Tru Earth, 700 million plastic laundry jugs are dumped into landfills across North America every day. 700 MILLION! That is a lot of plastic just from doing laundry! One way to cut down on plastics is with an eco-friendly laundry solution like Tru Earth laundry strips. Tru Earth makes biodegradable, non-liquid detergent in strips that are packaged in plastic-free compostable cardboard sleeves. To be even more green, Tru Earth uses the packaging as the shipping envelope to cut down on waste even more.

Tru Earth laundry strips are easy to use- just take one strip from the package, put it in the washer, and add your dirty clothes. The Tru Earth laundry strips might be small but the detergent in them is ultra-concentrated so each strip of Tru Earth liquidless laundry detergent weighs just 3g but packs the same power as 40g of premium liquid or powdered detergents. This helps the laundry strips remove tough stains, reveal vibrant colors, and restore whites. Tru Earth laundry strips are also vegan, hypoallergenic, paraben-free, phosphate-free, and free of added dyes and chlorine bleach.

Along with cleaning clothes well, I love that the strips take up a lot less space. I live in a condo with a small laundry closet so any extra space I can save is helpful. Plus, they are mess free so it’s easy for my tweens to help with the laundry!


Tru Earth also makes other eco-friendly household products like wool dryer balls. I have never used dryer balls before but the packaging says they reduce drying time which would be amazing. With five people I do a lot of laundry so I appreciate anything that helps me save time.

Want to try Tru Earth laundry strips for yourself? They cost $12.95 on subscription and you can buy them here. Make sure to use the code ‘TimeForMommy’ to save 10%. You can also enter to win a prize pack of 3 products: Fresh Linen, Fragrance Free, and Baby). These three packages will clean 96 loads of laundry!

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