Halloween Sensory Bins

When I taught preschool one of the most popular areas in the classroom was the sensory table. I loved creating themed sensory bins for my preschoolers and continued once I left the classroom and had my own kids. My boys grew out of the sensory table stage (they are both in junior high now!) so I was excited to start being able to put sensory bins together again for my daughter who is almost two. She loves playing in them every day and I love all the benefits that sensory bins bring.

Kids are naturally curious which is why sensory bins work so well. They are a great educational activity and way for children to learn by exploring through hands-on activities that let them touch, look, smell, listen, and taste. As they are exploring, they are developing their senses and fine motor skills through play.

With Halloween around the corner I thought it would be fun to share some Halloween sensory bins. (This post includes affiliate links.) Since Halloween is full of imagination and play already, these themed bins are so simple to put together and really capture the attention of kids. I currently have one with gourds, pumpkins, leaves, and acorns in it but it will get more “spooktacular” as we creep towards Halloween. This was a Halloween sensory table I did years ago for my boys filled with beans, feathers, sparkly pom poms, black crinkle paper, and mini jack o’ lantern buckets:

Here are 13 fun Halloween sensory bins from other bloggers that your child is sure to love! 

Kids will love exploring with this glow in the dark Halloween spaghetti and eyeball sensory bin. It is an easy sensory bin that can be put together in no time.

Slimy and creepy, this pumpkin slime guts sensory bin is perfect for Halloween and sensory play. Kids will love getting their fingers in the slime and feeling for the pumpkin seeds.

This edible Halloween bin is made up of jello and you can add some fun Halloween themed candy to make the sensory bin even more fun.

Fun, spooky, and colorful, this October sensory bin is full of Halloween themed goodies to help kids explore and learn. (I love how she uses the Little Tikes Garden table for her sensory bin because it’s the perfect height for toddlers. My daughter loves playing in her garden table!)

You can use any fun Halloween themed toys, party favors, and textures for this Halloween sensory activity. 

An easy to make Halloween sensory bin, this fun activity includes spaghetti noodles and plastic spiders that kids can count.

Perfect for fall and Halloween, kids will love learning as they dig in and explore with this corn sensory bin.

A little bit of messy play but so many different creative ways for children to learn, this Halloween water bin will be a hit.

Using a bit of slime in a bin, this glow in the dark slime becomes a fun and creative Halloween sensory bin that kids will love exploring.

Pair these Halloween bins with a few fun Halloween books and you have the perfect variety of learning activities. (There’s also dozens- probably hundreds- of more sensory ideas on this site so make sure to check them out!)

Kids will love scooping, pouring, touching, and investigation the little creepy crawlers that are included in this Halloween sensory bin. She also shares how to dye the rice orange which is really helpful!

Using a few supplies from your local Dollar Store, this fun Halloween bin will encourage children to explore and learn.

Another fun spider bin, this Halloween bin is colorful and fun for kids to touch and play with water beads and toy spiders.


Need a sensory table? I just bought this one for my toddler and it’s perfect! I like that I can keep the bins together for more play space or make two different sensory bin tables for separate rooms in my home. I currently have a “messy” one in the kitchen that requires a lot of supervision and one in our living room that I can leave open for her to play in throughout the day with minimal supervision because it has larger items in it and is easily picked up. The legs also adjust so I can raise the bin and it will work well into elementary school. Buy it here.

And here are 13 more Halloween sensory bins: https://makingtimeformommy.com/2013/10/04/13-halloween-sensory-bins/


Halloween sensory bins for kids