Math Made Fun With Online Classes From Revolution Math

Thanks to Revolution Math for sponsoring this post and offering this amazing offer to my readers.

Math was never my strong subject in school so when it comes to homework time I’m not much help. Luckily, thanks to amazing teachers, my two boys have found math much easier than I did but they still struggle with some of the more difficult concepts sometimes, especially Lucas. I was excited to learn about Revolution Math, interactive learning classes that combine live tutoring with an immersive, story-based curriculum.

Revolution Math is an innovative program designed to help 2nd-5th graders develop their math skills and an overall love of learning. The live, online interface integrates an interactive learning experience with a story-based curriculum and Common Core aligned math games. Students enjoy a small class size of up to 4 students, allowing them to build confidence under the instruction of a dedicated teacher.

Jacob’s Revolution Math teacher starts the class by reminding kids of her two rules: “it’s okay to make mistakes” and “have fun”. I love that Revolution Math makes math fun. I believe that kids are more likely to pick up concepts this way! They read a fun story together and then complete math tasks to help the story characters. Hearing kids laugh while learning math is an amazing sound.

Also, with the small class sizes (Jake is the solo student in his class and Luke has one other student in his), children really get personalized help. Both boys have teachers that are patient when the kids make mistakes and help them through things they are having difficulties with. Children can spend time walking through concepts with the teacher to make sure they don’t just come up with the right answer but they understand and can share how they came to the answer they did. I loved hearing Lucas explain how he figured something out and it really showed me that he understood the concept because he could explain it to the teacher and the other student.

I also like that Revolution Math typically introduces concepts to kids before they will learn it in school so that when it’s introduced in school they are familiar with the concepts already. With as limited as math time is each school day, children will benefit from having this extra weekly time with the concepts so when the homework comes home it’s much easier for them to work through because they’ve already learned the lesson and had review time!

Want this year to be the best yet for your child in regards to math?! I’m excited to be able to offer a great deal to my readers so that you all can try out Revolution Math in your own homes as school is starting this back-to-school season. Revolution Math is offering Making Time For Mommy readers a one month trial for only $1!

This $1 trial includes 4 weeks of Revolution Math’s live online classes and a complimentary learning kit sent directly to your home (a $199 package value!). Use the code¬†MAKINGTIME1 to get the $1 trial. It’s a great way to try the program out, with no obligation to continue if it’s not a good fit (though I think you’ll discover it’s amazing and want to keep going after the month is up)!

Have questions about Revolution Math? You can learn more (and sign up for the $1 trial) here. Also, feel free to contact me if you have questions or want to hear more about our experience so far!