The Best Universal Gift Registry For Those Engaged Or Expecting

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Out of all the things there are to do when you are engaged or expecting, one of the more exciting tasks on the to-do list is setting up a registry. Whether you are having a bridal or baby shower, or just have family and friends wanting to buy gifts for you, having a registry is one of the easiest ways to ensure you get things that you (and/or baby) can enjoy for years to come.

There are a variety of stores that offer registries and, often times, couples set up numerous registries to give their friends and loved ones an option when it comes to gift shopping. As a newly pregnant mama with 6 months to go still, and this being my third child, I mostly wanted to create a registry so I could easily keep track of what I wanted to purchase before the baby comes (because many registries give discounts on items when you get closer to the due date) and to have ideas if family asks for them. I had just planned on setting up one registry to have everything in one place and figured an Amazon registry would be great so I could get their free welcome box filled with baby goodies. Then I saw a few adorable things at Target and, before I knew it, I had started one at Target as well. I was recently introduced to and am so excited to now be able to combine all of my registries in one place!


Setting up an account is really easy and the best part is you can import all of the registries that you already have set up.



You can also add new registries or items from any website at any time, including the partner sites shown above. MyRegistry makes it easy with a “add to MyRegistry” desktop internet bookmark button, a smartphone app that lets you scan barcodes of items you find in stores, and inspiration boards on their site you can look at to find unique items you want to add to your list. You can also choose to include gift cards and cash funds (like a diaper fund or honeymoon fund) to your registry if you don’t need a lot of “things”. I was surprised that it was so easy to make a registry on and how easy it is to add items.


Since I just started my registry I only have some essentials and a few adorable outfits I want to get as soon as we find out if we are having a boy or girl. I still want to make an Ikea registry since we are purchasing some nursery furniture from there and they also have a “completion discount” so we can save some money making the purchase through our registry.

When you first set up your registry make sure to check out the offers page, too. They have a great giveaway going on right now through August 31st. Every weekday, MyRegistry will randomly select one winner from its list of new baby registry signups (who have activated their account, confirmed they wish to be entered on their Offers page, and added at least one gift to their baby registry). Winners will receive a Noobie pregnancy gift box containing the newest and best baby products!

The current Noobie Box includes:

  • LansinohⓇ Breastfeeding Set
  • Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment
  • MAM Anti-Colic Bottle
  • MAM Newborn Pacifier
  • WaterWipes
  • PurellⓇ Multi Surface Disinfectant
  • Dr Kids Natural Nasal Drops
  • And a Surprise Sample!

Such a great giveaway for those who create a baby registry! Head on over to to create your wedding registry or baby registry! Not engaged or expecting? You can make a wish list for your (or your child’s) birthday or Christmas!

7 thoughts on “The Best Universal Gift Registry For Those Engaged Or Expecting”

  1. They call them the good old days, but thinking of registries in the past makes me so grateful for today. It’s soooo much easier now! Love that people can so easily contribute to your funds too.

  2. This is so wonderful! I remember having to tell everyone where we registered, but now we can just share one place! It’ll be so much easier for my daughters!

  3. My daughter just used for her baby shower and I will agree it was so easy. I was so happy to see people still using this type of gift platform, it made everything so much easier for her and her hubby!


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