Awesome Monthly Craft Subscription Box For Adults

Thanks to Adults & Crafts for sponsoring this post and inspiring me to get crafty!

Raise your hand if you have ever pinned crafts and DIY projects on Pinterest that you hope to do *someday* ✋ Guilty! I love crafting and projects but I tend to pin way more than I’ll ever be able to make. Sometimes it’s because I don’t think I have the time to craft or I don’t have the materials needed, but other times it’s because the projects I want to create seem way too advanced for a beginning crafter like myself.

Crafting, though I enjoy it, can be intimidating and that’s why I am so excited to have discovered the Adults & Crafts Crate and I’m sharing it with you all because it’s amazing. Having this crate delivered right to your home every month eliminates the tedious prepping – like picking a project, figuring out how to make it, gathering all the materials, and finding the right tools- and lets you skip straight to the fun part! Each kit features a different craft technique with a trendy project to make and is curated with the exact materials and tools you need to create the project, along with step-by-step instructions to help you do so.

I received November’s Adults & Crafts Crate which was the Homemade Embossing Card Making Kit. I’ve never done embossing before! I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a very adventureous crafter and in the past I probably would have never tried making my own homemade cards like this, no matter how many DIY tutorials about it I’d pinned. That’s why I love this kit! It makes it easy to try a new craft technique and I love that it includes instructions to help even a newbie like me feel confident enough to try my hand at embossing. The box included everything I’d need to complete the project, including a heat tool. I was impressed by the quality of the materials provided and am excited to have my very first crafting tool. It makes me feel like a real crafter!

This Adults & Crafts Crate would make a great gift for a friend, give you a reason to make time for yourself, or be the perfect activity for a date night in! It’s up to you but, whatever you choose, I know this is going to make you as excited to craft as it made me because it makes everything so easy! I’ll be sharing my project on Instagram after I make it over Christmas break but I wanted to make sure that I shared about this as soon as possible because the Christmas shipping deadline is quickly approaching. You can order a subscription to the Adults & Crafts Crate here and use code MAKINGTIME to get FREE shipping on your first box!

What craft would you love to try if you had a kit that provided all the materials and instructions? I’d love to try woodburning! How cute is this little cutting board that was made with a previous month’s Adults & Crafts Crate?


  1. This is such a great idea! I think a crafty subscription box sounds like a ton of fun. I’d love it for sure.

  2. There is a little girl I watch that would LOVE this! She is very creative and will do anything creative that she can get her hands on.

  3. What a great box subscription! I know so many people that would love this for the holidays!

  4. Amy Desrosiers says

    I think this is such a fun concept. I would love to try pretty much any of these. I use to craft a lot as a teen.

  5. Oh how nice! I’d look forward to the craft each month. I love working on things like these.

  6. What a great idea. I’ve never seen one of these craft subscription boxes for adults before. I’d love it!

  7. We try to have a monthly craft night in with wine and girlfriends. it’s a blast! Maybe we should think about getting this subscription and bring it together for our craft night!

  8. Ahhhhh….. I love this! This is the perfect gift for my sister! Thanks!

  9. I love the idea of a crafting subscription because then I’d finally make myself craft! I love the cutting board with the map!

  10. I love this idea of a craft subscription box. It’s one of the annoying aspects of crafting that you always seem to forget to buy one item you need to complete the craft. This would be so much more fun!

  11. I tried woodburning when I was in Cub Scouts. I was just bad enough at it to know never to try it again!

  12. This sounds like a really fun subscription box. Every time I go to craft, I always seem to be missing something – having everything together would be perfect. These would make a great gift, too!

  13. What a great subscription box. Having everything you need to do the craft is perfect. This would make an awesome gift for someone who likes crafting.

  14. I haven’t heard of this subscription box before. It would be nice to be able to try my hand at a different craft each month.

  15. Mary Cooper says

    I love to do crafts but never get to do them. This sounds like a great club. I used to belong to something like this when I was younger. Mary cooper

  16. I wish we have something like that in India too.. I love trying out creative crafts along with my kids and subscription boxes are one of the great things to do so, but unfortunately, we don’t have anything like that in India as of now. At least, not in my knowledge. Thanks for the review <3 Seems interesting!!

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