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Little kids are so easy to buy for (gift ideas here) but, as they get older and turn into tweens and teens, I feel it gets harder and harder to find things they want. To help you finish your shopping I’ve put together a list of awesome gifts for tweens and younger teens. Grab some of these at the store or on Amazon and cross that hard-to-shop for tween or teen off your list!

Lightseekers (Ages 8-14)

Lightseekers by PlayFusion brings together a family-friendly adventure game, with smart action figures and accessories, and augmented reality trading cards on your tablet or mobile device (no game console required, just an internet connection). No longer just a game or just a toy, Lightseekers has high-tech components that allow for advanced interactive and connected play, and the classic elements of a video game.

Using Bluetooth, the fully-articulated 7” smart action figures connect in real time to your smart device, and give you options and controls we used to dream about. Never before has a toy been the controller for your video game, but now you can fly through the air and fire your weapons without touching a traditional controller (or the screen).

That’s not all – for the kids who are interested in more than mobile gaming, there’s also the Lightseekers trading card game. Augmented reality cards are included in every hero starter pack, and can also be used to unlock special abilities and goods in the mobile game just by scanning with your device’s camera.

Fun With Fidget Spinners: 50 Super Cool Tricks & Activities

Children who are obsessed with fidget spinners will love the book, Fun with Fidget Spinners: 50 Super Cool Tricks & Activities. This book is a new one-of-a-kind guide where spinners can take their hobby to a whole new epic level. Spinners can learn how to master tricks such as spinning on a hat or stacking spinners on top of each other to create mesmerizing whirling towers of color! Spinners can also track their progress and tricks with a handy workbook. Plus, the book provides backstory into the health benefits of spinning.

T-Rex Dinosaur DNA (Ages 8+)

This kit lets kids excavate and build their very own glow-in-the-dark T-Rex model and collect buried DNA. This innovative kit even brings dinosaurs to life through Augmented Reality using the free Dino Codes app (Google Play or iTunes)! Tweens can take photos and videos of themselves interacting with T-Rex and instantly share via email, text, or social media.

Just Dance 2018 (Rated E 10+)


Whether you’re a party starter, a dancer in the making, or a seasoned pro, get ready to turn up the volume and unleash your inner dancer with Just Dance® 2018! Dance to 40 of the hottest tracks of the year, including “24K Magic,” by Bruno Mars, “Side to Side,” by Ariana Grande Ft. Nicki Minaj, “Chantaje,” by Shakira Ft. Maluma, and many more! Great for family gatherings, parties, and holidays, Just Dance 2018 brings family and friends together like no other game.

The Official DC Super Hero Joke Book (Ages 8+)

Knock, knock. Who’s there? DC super heroes telling a slew of hilarious jokes, puns, riddles, and more. Packed with more than 600 puns, knock-knocks, one-liners, riddles, gags, and tongue twisters, this book is sure to make kids smile, laugh, and read jokes aloud to their friends. Illustrated with beloved classic DC comic book art, this first-of-its-kind, kid-friendly treasury is a great gift and a super-fun read.

Play Impossible Gameball™ (Ages 9+)

The Play Impossible Gameball™ brings the digital action both indoors and outdoors with seven connected ball games. Manufactured in partnership with Baden Sports, the Gameball has the durability of a small volleyball and is loaded with innovative sensor technology to enhance the play experience. Players can connect, compete and challenge their ball skills with the popular new game ‘Impossible’ and also see how long it takes to reach their vertical limit in ‘Skyscraper.’ There are a host of single- and multi-player games to choose from for endless hours of entertainment. One such game is ‘Sport Labs,’ which empowers players with a new tool to measure speed, distance, spin and airtime so that they can achieve new personal records and create friendly competition. The app prompts gameplay, tracks scores and reports progress. When the Gameball runs low on juice, players can refuel in just 20 seconds with the remarkable Rapid Charger, which will provide another complete hour of fun.

Find it at Target here.

Creation Crate (Ages 12+)

Creation Crate is a subscription box service that improves tech literacy with both children and adults, without the intimidating technical lingo. Beginner friendly, each project is designed to increase in difficulty each month so that users can be fluent in the language of technology by the end of the 24-month curriculum. Projects range from building a mood lamp to a memory game focused on programming, to learning how to input a distance reading from an ultrasonic sensor. Unlike other technology subscription boxes, Creation Crate uses raw electronic components, offering users real-world skills. Subscriptions start at $30 a month with 3, 6, or 12-month subscription packages to choose from.

Learn more and order the subscription box here.

Crayola Fashion Superstar (Ages 8+)

With the 62-page design book, 24 colored pencils, and 18 SuperTip Markers, young designers have all the colorful tools they need to create their own unique designs by hand with Crayola Fashion Superstar Designer. Kids can use their style and creativity to design prints, patterns, and combinations that best express their personal taste. There is also an app to download so Tweens can show off their designs to their friends and put together a virtual closet so they can find their unique style.

Duct Tape Engineer (Ages 12+)

From a working cannon to a bridge, this powerful everyday adhesive is perfect for creating incredible things! InDuct Tape Engineer, master tinkerer Lance Akiyama shows readers how to design and build fourteen mega projects ranging from backpacks to queen-size beds from nothing but duct tape. Every project is specially designed by Akiyama to be a blast to build, and last a good long time. Packed with full-color illustrations and easy to follow instructions, Duct Tape Engineer is perfect for crafters of any age.

Rayman Legends (Rated E 10+)

Following Rayman® Origins, our heroes take a 100-year nap, allowing nightmares to infest the Glade of Dreams. Once Rayman awakes from this mysterious sleep, he must set off on a new adventure with his friends to restore order in the universe. While traveling between five different worlds, players must defeat legendary enemies to save the Teenies from these evil villains. Rayman Legends features a wide range of gameplay, including traditional Rayman platforming action and new music rhythm-based stages.

The Greatest Brick Builds: Amazing Creations in LEGO

This book is a perfect holiday gift for LEGO fans young and old. LEGO bricks have been used for decades by children and adults to create dazzling and playful buildings, vehicles, and unique works of art. In The Greatest Brick Builds: Amazing Creations in LEGO (11/1/2017; ISBN: 978-1684121663; Hardcover $19.99; 112 pages), these jaw-dropping creations are presented in full color, with close-up photos, scale representations, historical commentary on the structures, and details on how each model was constructed using LEGO bricks. Included in this collection are the Golden Gate, the USS Missouri, and the Great Sphinx of Giza, as well as other iconic structures created by LEGO crafters from around the world.

Crystal Growing Experiment Kit (Ages 10+)

Perfect for young scientists, the Crystal Growing Experiment Kit offers hands-on experience that grow and challenge their imagination while introducing them to geology. This science kit contains all the materials needed to perform seven different crystal growth experiments and a special display case is included to admire the crystals once they are fully grown.

Merge Cube (Ages 10+)

The Merge Cube merges the physical and digital worlds using augmented reality technology and the powerful camera and sensors in your mobile device. It’s the first object of its kind, and it’s fundamentally changing the way people interact with technology. Now you can hold a galaxy in the palm of your hand, examine fossils and ancient artifacts like a real archaeologist, watch as a volcano erupts before your eyes, and play games in ways never possible before!

Learn more and buy it here.

Just Joking Jumbo (Ages 7-10)

What do you get when you have 1,000 giant jokes and 1,000 funny photos?  A stocking stuffer that adds up to some seriously big laughs! If you have a budding stand up comedian on your list this year – this is the perfect book for them.  Knock-knocks, puns, riddles, tongue-twisters, photos of silly situations and even the craziest info about the history of funny business – it’s all here!

Monopoly for Nintendo Switch

America’s favorite family board game, Monopoly, makes its debut on Nintendo Switch system with new ways to play! experience three unique 3D boards at home or on-the-go with up to six players in total, or take your game online and challenge players in quick matches. Customize your game by selecting from six official House rules chosen by monopoly fans around the world. Don’t have time for a full game? speed it up with special goals that shorten play sessions, and actions cards to move you around the board and personalize your opponents. Build your empire and trade your way to victory!

Arckit (Ages 12+)

Arckit is a free-form architectural modelling system that allows you to physically explore designs and bring your imagination to life. Unlike traditional ‘cut and glue’ models, Arckit is designed for easy set up and take down with their unique and patented modular system. With multiple models available in varying complexities (prices starting from $39.99) Arckit is the perfect gift for budding architects as well as seasoned builders and experienced designers. Build the city of your dreams with Cityscape and Masterplan, or a beautiful modern home with the GO line.

Learn more and buy it here.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (Rated E 10+)

Two worlds collide in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle! The Mushroom Kingdom has been torn apart by a mysterious vortex, transporting the chaotic Rabbids into this once-peaceful land. To restore order, Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Yoshi must team up with a whole new crew: four Rabbids heroes! Together, they will battle with weapons through four worlds filled with combat, puzzles, and unpredictable enemies.

What gift would your tween love to get this year?


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  1. So many great ideas and perfect timing as the teen group is so hard to buy for. I love that Play Impossible Gameball, it looks like so much fun!


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