Our Classic Christmas Decorations

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I love decorating for the holidays. From putting up our Christmas tree with all of it’s special ornaments to hanging our personalized stockings above the fireplace, it’s one of my favorite things to do. I love it so much in fact, that I’ve been known to decorate on November 1st sometimes! (I can hear all of you “not before Thanksgiving” folks gasp at that statement! lol)

This year I headed to my local At Home store to buy some new decorations to brighten up my home and front porch. At Home Stores have thousands of holiday items, available at everyday low prices. I really loved the variety of decorations and how they were organized by holiday themes. There is something for everyone, from the beach lover looking for “Sea & Greetings” decor to trendy pink and rose gold decorations.

Personally, when it comes to holiday decorations, I tend to stick to the traditional reds and greens. Over the past couple of years I’d fallen in love with the decor that had an old red pickup truck carrying a Christmas tree and I was pleasantly surprised to find some items to start my classic Christmas collection with (like this beautiful tray pictured above). I also picked up a number of items to add some Christmas to every room- from the kitchen to the living room to the bathroom.

The main space I was hoping to decorate though was my outdoor space. Last year you wouldn’t have known how much I love Christmas just by looking at the outside of our home. We had just wrapped some lights around the columns by our entrance and added a wreath to the front door. This year I wanted a more festive look but still wanted it to be easy.

In just twenty minutes our front porch went from “blah” to festive all thanks to the amazing finds from At Home Stores. We added two strands of berry and pinecone lighted garland, a welcome sign, a festive wreath and a bright red door mat.

Our decorated front porch puts a smile on my face every time I come home now. Do you have a space you’d like to makeover? Check out At Home Stores for finds to give any room or outdoor area a personal touch!


  1. Those are so great! I’ve always enjoyed the classic Christmas decor options the most. It just feels so old ad rich.

  2. I love all the great home decor that At Home stores has. I just totally redid a space in my home with things from there. I can’t wait to do my outside decorating. I see another trip to my local At Home store in the near future!

  3. I have got to go to my local At Home store and get that adorable Volkswagen sign. My first car was a red VW just like that one!

  4. At Home…what a dangerous store. I love going there, but could spend all day there. They have great products at great prices. I love their selection of items.

  5. We have a sad tiny fake wreath on our front door right now but I really want to invest in a living one. Your porch is looking great!

  6. Home Stores are always a perfect place to look for Christmas decor. I could spend a million dollars there on all the great stuff I find!

  7. Claudia Krusch says

    Your front porch looks great. I love to decorate for the holidays. I need to get a few new items for the yard this year.

  8. I feel the same about my own Christmas decorations. They make me so happy! I love yours!

  9. I love these decorations! These are just my style and I think add so much festive character.

  10. Amy Desrosiers says

    I love the rustic holiday decor you picked up. These are some cute choices that I would love in my home too.

  11. I love those decorations. They are very nice. I love decorating for the holidays as well. It’s fun to get out all the Christmas decorations.

  12. These are really adorable! I love classic Christmas decorations!

  13. These are all so cute! Totally love reverting to classic decor when it comes to the Holidays!

  14. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of doing classic christmas decor. Your decorations are really cute!

  15. I really like the rustic look of your decorations. The wreath reminds me of Christmas when I was a kid.

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