Bach To Rock Makes Learning Music Fun

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Make learning fun and kids will want to learn. That’s what led my teaching decisions when it came to academics and that’s the philosophy of music school, Bach to Rock.

Located in Northbrook, IL, Bach to Rock (B2R) provides Music Lessons, Birthday Parties, Toddler and Preschool Music Classes and Summer Camps for all ages and skill levels. They base their method of instruction on the fact that students learn best when they play the music they enjoy most. Students develop their skills by working alongside a highly qualified instructor through B2R’s finely developed curriculum which includes special arrangements of today’s popular music. (As a parent, I’ve seen that this method of learning popular music works better than learning one note at a time because Jacob has tried both in his efforts to learn guitar. He has learned more playing songs he enjoys than he ever did going through a music book and mastering one chord or note at a time while he tried to play pieces of songs he’d never heard of.)

Bach to Rock offers private and group lessons and classes for all ages and ability levels for those interested in learning guitar, piano, drums, voice, and more. Using B2R’s unique teaching method, kids and adults learn to play their favorite songs in no time! What I think is really unique about B2R though, is all of the extra things they offer in addition to music lessons.

At B2R, kids who love music can immerse themselves in it. There are Early Childhood programs that give young kids a head-start in music. Kids can keep busy over the summer by enrolling in B2R’s Summer Camp. They can even join Glee Club, become part of a band and perform at cool venues or learn how to become a DJ in the Beat Refinery DJ school!

Bach to Rock also offers multiple birthday party options for young musicians. Kids can play & learn music with their friends while celebrating their birthday! They can rock it out on instruments, spin jams like a DJ, or sing karaoke together. I love these unique birthday party ideas!

To learn more and sign your child up for any of the amazing things Bach to Rock offers, you can call 224-904-3190 or visit


  1. Making learning fun is the best way to get kids excited about a lifetime of learning. Music is ALWAYS fun.

  2. Felicita Moncada says

    My son has shown interest in music, this looks like a great place for him to visit. Pick an instrument and rock out! Might be s great outfit for him too

  3. Music teaches disciple and makes life much easier.

  4. Amy Desrosiers says

    I could have used this when I was younger. I admittedly hated music class because it was so boring.

  5. I’m not familiar with Bach to Rock. Wow! My grandkids are learning musical instruments and they would thrive with this program.

  6. I should look into this for my nieces and nephews! Seems like a fun way to get kiddos excited about music

  7. My son has recently shown an interest in singing and music – I will need to see what we have in our area. Looks fun!

  8. I think it would be amazing to give the musical learning opportunity of a class or a summer camp to my kids. A birthday party could be super fun too!

  9. Claudia Krusch says

    Bach to Rock sounds like a great place to take music lessons. I think it is important for kids to explore their creative sides.

  10. Music should be a fun learning experience. I wish this was available where I live.

  11. I would love to do something like this. I loved playing the saxophone when I was younger.

  12. Bach to Rock sounds like so much fun! I wish I had heard of them when my son was younger so he could have a birthday party with them. That would have been epic!

  13. Love this idea! I know my sound would love it since he really does enjoy music. Hope they have something like this in my area.

  14. Oh I totally love this idea. I think it is a great way to facilitate a love of music in your kids.

  15. I would love to check something like this out. I totally love music and think it would be awesome!

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