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Thanks to Hair Cuttery for sponsoring this post.

There are a few things our family typically does in preparation for the first day of school each year. The first thing we do is buy all of the supplies on the school supply list along with a backpack of each child’s choosing, I also shop for the perfect new outfits for the boys to wear on the first day of school. One of the last things we do to get ready for school is head to the salon to get much-needed haircuts for each child. My boys get their haircuts in May and typically then go the whole summer without a haircut so by Mid-August they are long overdue for a trim.

If your kids are going to need haircuts before school like mine do, I’d encourage you to visit your local Hair Cuttery in the next couple weeks to participate in their Share-A-Haircut program. I love companies that give back so I’m proud to support Hair Cuttery and this program that gives free haircuts to underprivileged community members, specifically kids in need as they head back-to-school.┬áTo date, the Share-A-Haircut program has reached more than 2.16M people with haircut certificate donations, valued at $35 million. Isn’t that amazing!?

This year Hair Cuttery is offering this program for the 18th year in a row and hoping to donate tens of thousands of free haircut certificates. To do so, they need YOUR help! From August 1st-15th, take your child or teenager to get a haircut at one of Hair Cuttery’s almost 900 salons. For each child that gets their haircut during this timeframe, one free haircut certificate will be donated to a local government or non-profit organization who will then offer it to an underprivileged child in that same community. It’s such an easy way to do something good and it will help a child feel more confident as they head back to school.

Not sure where your closest Hair Cuttery location is? You can use their salon locator here. Have your children gotten their BTS haircuts yet?

12 thoughts on “Get A Haircut To Share A Haircut”

  1. Hair cuts are on our Back-To-School to-do list. It’s good to know where to go to ensure my business is doing the most good.

  2. I just love this post! I also get my kids’ haircuts before school is out and then they go the entire summer without getting one! LOL! I’m definitely going to take my kids to Hair Cuttery to help out with this program.

  3. What a great program! I couldn’t afford cuts for my kids when they were little and learned to cut it myself. It worked for young elementary school, but by middle school, that just wasn’t cool. I would love to have had access to something like this.

  4. Great cause! I haven’t taken my boys for hair cuts yet. School doesn’t start until the day after Labor Day here. My boys are needing cuts, but I’m trying to hold out to the week before school!

  5. This is such a great program. I had never heard of the hair cuttery and when I used their locator I see that the closest one to me is 200 miles away so I guess that’s why. I will have to see if any of our local salons do something like this.

  6. We don’t use Hair Cuttery, but we know PLENTY of people who do, who will love this program! Sharing with the schools now, so they can send it out to their parents!


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